Weekend Signal: Jobs Takes His Bow, Facebook’s Many Changes, Twitter Looks To Images

(image) Maybe I’ll make Signal a weekly production, as the hands of time have a way of sorting the wheat from the chaff when it comes to news. On the other hand, we’re in the dog days of August, and beyond the news of Steve Jobs’ stepping down, it’s been a relatively slow week. Still and all, I’ve got a fair number of worthy links for your perusal. To them:

Steve Jobs Resigns as CEO of Apple; Cook Takes Reins (ATD) The news breaks. The expected end of an era. Is his DNA forever in Apple? Hard to say, but it’s there for a good, long time. Of course, in tech, “long” is about two years.

Steve Jobs: A Mega, Meta Appreciation (FC) A good round up of a lot of the coverage.

What Is The Difference Between A Social Display Impression And A “Regular” Display Impression? (AdEx) Clearly, nothing is clear when it comes to this yet. My take? It’s social ifsomeone endorses it to someone else. No way is a display impression in a social network “social.”

Article: Room for Improvement in Social Network Ad Engagement (eMarketer) See above.

Article: Millennials Willing to Offer Location for Relevant Content (eMarketer) Marketers, pay attention. If you do content marketing right, you can get your customers to offer you information that helps you be a better partner. Will you? Ask FM how we can help (I couldn’t help but add the plug).

Facebook ending Deals product after four-month test (Reuters) Groupon is happy about this. Then again, if Facebook doesn’t think it’s worth pursuing, that doesn’t say much about the space. It’s a bit of quandry.

Facebook’s Big Privacy Changes: An Overview [PICS] (Mashable) Just don’t say that Facebook is responding to Google+. OK?

Facebook Revamps Privacy, Pictures, And Purchases On Its Way To IPO (FC) More coverage of the news, and speculation as to why it’s happening now.

Facebook Seeks Acquisitions to Fight Google (Bloomberg) Well, this isn’t exactly a surprise, but it makes a lot of hearts go pitter pat in VC land.

With Tech, We Are Not Where We Want To Be (Or, This Cake Ain’t Baked) (Searchblog) My review of another important book, “Alone Together” by Sherry Turkle.

Android, iOS gain U.S. market share in Q2 while BlackBerry slides, NPD says (bgr) You know, I might go out on a limb here and predict that Blackberry is going to rebound, and own the “mid to low market” soon. It’s a very large market.

Twitter Gets Ad-Friendlier with Image Galleries (Adweek) A good new feature, and one that should provide some serious brand advertising opportunities once there’s contextual and RTD algorithms to go with the images. Right now, not so much.

Flash Madness Part 3: Pure Storage Comes Out of Stealth (ATD) I saw this while it was in stealth, and I think this company has a lot going for it. It’s not sexy, but the implications of its model are important.

Samsung invokes Kubrick’s 2001 as prior art vs. Apple (electronista) This is just too rich. Waaaay too rich.

Exclusive: ComScore takes users’ credit card numbers: lawsuit (Reuters) This is not good for Comscore. We’ll see if the story develops as it seems to be playing out, if so, ick.

First Details About Lift, the Next Social Network From the Founders of Twitter (RWW) Well, no point in doing something will small ambitions.

Many Americans Working on Their Summer Vacations (FC) Er…gee, sound familiar?

Upcoming Amazon tablet to undercut Apple’s iPad (bgr) A lot of crowing about the death of the HP TouchPad, how the RIM Playbook’s not good, etc. Don’t forget, this game ain’t even started, really.

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