Weekend Signal: Google, Google, Facebook IPO

If nothing else, Google’s recent (and somewhat controversial) moves have put it squarely in the news – Google is back, as a topic of discussion and debate. But expect that to change, as Facebook’s IPO filing is expected next week.  To the links:

Google Reincarnates Dead Paper Mill as Data Center of Future (Wired) I recall when the company bought that mill. This is a cool story.

Google: Calling Our Ad System Closed is ‘Ridiculous’ (DD) Head of Google’s ad stack defends his products.

Counterpoint to Google: Open Isn’t Neutral (DD) MediaOcean CEO Wise says sure, Google ad systems are open, but questions if they are neutral.

Google+ Spreads to AdSense, Will It Spread to the Whole Web? (Searchblog) I sure hope it will.

Google Users Pay $5,000 to Use ‘Free’ Services (SM) Research saying the data we give Google is worth $5K. If it is, I want my cut.

Top 20 U.S. Web Properties: Google Surges Past Yahoo (Clickz) And one Federated Media surges to the top 20…

Web economy in G20 set to double by 2016, Google says (BBC) The “regular” economy, not so much.

Facebook Readies IPO Filing for Next Week (WSJ) Money, money, money…

The SOPA War: A Frantic Call, an Aborted Summit, and Dramatic New Details on How Hollywood Lost (HR) More on the watershed issue from Hollywood’s point of view.

Bits Blog: At Davos, Discussions of a Global Data Deluge (NYT) They are focusing on some of the right things over there in Davos.

Brands Want Content Curator Jobs (DD) One of FM’s core competencies discussed.

Twitter isn’t censoring you. Your government is. (TNW) Good point.

Article: US Mobile Ad Spending Soars Past Expectations (EM) For yer powerpoints…

Wither the Giants? The Arrogance of Aging Incumbents (Pakman) If you are in the ad or media biz, a very interesting perspective from a VC.

Apple Is Slow Boiling Developers (Continuations) Ire against Apple is on the rise, which one might expect given how big a target it is this days.


FM’s program of the day is our first ever Signal conference in San Francisco. Many speakers confirmed, more to come…

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