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I love, love, love this move by Intel, making pop music marketing icon “Director of Creative Innovation” on the eve of his Black Eyed Peas Superbowl performance no less. I know will well enough to know he’ll focus and deliver specific ideas to Intel. It’s up to the company to listen. And Intel is smart to be open to that input.

***Only two weeks until Signal LA: The Content Marketing Conversation. Join illustrious speakers and industry veterans. If you’re a digital marketer, technologist, agency or brand decision maker, this is the place to come. See the Signal: LA agenda live on the site and a full listing of stellar speakers, including,  here. *** named Intel’s director of creative innovation (LAT) As I said, I am interviewing at Signal LA. Now we have even more to talk about, besides his new video app

Apple Plans Service That Lets IPhone Users Pay With Handsets (Bloomberg) Oh, this is just what we need. A proprietary cash register system that only works with Apple products. I wonder, will folks be able to pay with any NFC device, or just Apple’s? Will businesses need more than one system to take money? Open systems, meet Apple…

You can finally port your number to Google Voice (MSNBC) Meanwhile, Google makes it eaaasssssy to leave your carrier and go with them. Huh….

A New Social Network Where Inquiring Minds Run Wild (ATD) More on hot Q&A startup Quora.

Egypt Muzzles Twitter as Protests Grow (ATD) Here’s a way to judge if a government is totalitarian: Do they cut off Twitter?

Facebook Debuts User Generated Ad Option (Clickz) In short, you can now run content from your brand page in your Facebook ads. Wow, now that’s new…

The Future According to Schmidt: “Augmented Humanity,” Integrated Into Google (FC) Not sure I want my humanity augmented by Eric, Larry, or Sergey…

Real Blogs Don’t Have Interstitial Ads (TC) Tim Armstrong, meet Michael Arrington. Have fun, m’kay?

Best Practices for Adding Social Media to Your Marketing Mix (Marketing Profs) Look, who doesn’t love best practices?

A Sneak Peek at Groupon’s New Hyperlocal Ad Campaign (Mashable) I’m keen to learn how this really works.

The Most Tech-Enhanced SOTU Yet (CJR) Many are calling the 2011 speech the first “Web 2″ State of the Union. I missed it, because United cancelled my flight and I had to get on the phone for 45 minutes.

US Twitter Users Spending More Time Than Ever On, Report Says (SEL) This surprises me not at all. Once you figure it out, it becomes essential.

Facebook Zeroes In On Mobile Advertising, Buys Seattle Startup Rel8tion (PC) Man, is this space heating up, or is it just me?

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