Weds. Signal: Valuable Point of View, Well Stated, Is the Foundation…

Sometimes we miss the point. Or we get too involved in what we do. Look, I blog, a fair amount. So do a lot of folks. But really, what are we doing? Allow me to advance a point of view: That blogging, such that it is, is about offering a strong point of view to a community on topics that matter to that community, in a form of communication that resonates.

In other words, we’re publishers. To the links:

Social Me Me Me Me Me Media (Louis Gray) Why, yes, “blogging is the foundation in a world of streams“. But let me put it another way: Valuable point of view, well stated, is the foundation of conversations. OK?! Let’s not get confused by the term “blogging,” shall we?

Topsy Wants to Redesign Search, Starting with Twitter (GigaOm) In case you’re wondering (I doubt you are, but…), I think Twitter is an important search player, but it’s just not become apparent, yet. Topsy agrees.

Top 5 Ways Big Brands are Using Foursquare (Mashable) I’m sort of stunned how fast “big brands” are moving into location as a key signal.  Well done, Big Brands! Now, go make some honest mistakes, please!

Update: Groupon’s Andrew Mason on Clones, the Gap and Mugging Larry Page! (ATD) Andrew will be at Web 2 this year.

MyTown hits 3.1 million users (intoMobile) This service keeps surging, and gets none of the Foursquare love. But watch it.

Good-bye “What’s Next”, hello “What’s Now” (Simon Waring) Pay attention to the most important signal: What your customers are saying to you. (Thanks, Knud).

Article: What Will Hulu’s IPO Mean for Advertisers? (eMarketer) Well, usually it means rates go up!

The FM program of the day is the Sprint EVO “First to Know” series on Mashable.

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