Weds. Signal: Straight to the Links, Folks

It’s a melange of digital headlines today, and I had a long day, as I bet you did (it seems everyone is heads down, preparing for Q4, eh?). So let’s just get to the links, shall we?

Twitter Finally Unveils Analytics (But Only in Private Beta) (ATD) It’ll be out to all very soon (a few weeks). This is exciting stuff. Twitter is starting to get on a roll. To wit:

Twitter Lets Brands Serve Ads to Non-Followers (CZ) This is not news, per se, but it’s worth revisiting. Twitter has always said it will do this, and reiterated that at its press event last week. I’ve got something to say about this but just watch this feed for that.

comScore: Android past iPhone in Europe, but Apple still up (Comscore) Wow, Nokia lost nearly 20 points of share in one year. OUCH.

Uberdata: How prostitution and alcohol make Uber better (Uber) Besides being a great post, this is really great voice for a brand. Really really good.

Move Over Social Media; Here Comes Social Business (FC) IBM is always ahead when it comes to declaring Big Trends in Big Business.

Microsoft Reimagines Windows, Presents Windows 8 Developer Preview (Microsoft) This was big news over the past day or so. Windows 8 is a big play for Microsoft. For now, it’s developers only.

15 Years of Cutting-Edge Thinking on Understanding the Mind (Brain Pickings) A review of a book out from John Brockman, who has made a career of promoting interesting minds who, in turn, think a lot about the human condition.

FM’s program of the day is Lifescoop from Intel.

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