Weds Signal: Signal’s Three Times A Week, For Now

Well, yes, I missed writing Signal yesterday, focused as I was on the signal coming fast and furious at me from Google’s annual partner conference, Zeitgeist. In fact, the next few weeks, as I build up to the Web 2 Summit, are going to be nuts, so I’ll be cutting Signal back to three times a week or so. I’ll try to do it on Mondays, Weds, and Fridays. Sound like a plan? To the Weds. links:

How The Refrigerator Got Its Hum (Alice Bell) Fun piece about history of technology and how our culture uses it (and chooses it).

Facebook Disconnect (Chrome App Store) Interesting to see this relatively technical app get more than 100K users in a few days.

Facebook to offer free ads to small businesses, report says (cNet) Facebook knows it needs to SMB to win long term.

DDS and Mediabank merge to create single agency system (MW) The key positioning here: Alone each could not compete with Google. Together they may have a chance.

Can M&A Solve Ad-Tech Fragmentation? (DD) Clearly M&A is in the air for a space that has so many players and tons of inefficiency.

Zynga takes its most popular game, CityVille, to Google+ (VB) Most interesting. Watch this space….

Twitter expects incredible growth with iOS 5 integration (ZD) A very big deal for Twitter.

Sonia Arrison Brings Longevity To the Masses With Her Book 100+ (SU) I just got this book and hear it’s quite good.

Social Draws Big Ad Dollars, but Does It Really Work? (AW) New measurement services try to answer the question. My answer is: Not alone. Not without the Independent Web as partner.

It’s the end of the web as we know it (Adrian Short) A pessimistic view of current trends on the web. I share his concerns but am far more optimistic.


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