Weds. Signal: Our Body Is Political

The Internets, it’s clearly a force in our culture, our democracy, and our personal lives now. As I write this, the President is finishing up the SOTU, in which he invokes technology so often it’s almost invisible. But is it a force for good? Depends on your point of view, time of day, and political persuasion, it seems. To the very politicized links:

Do Drones Undermine Democracy? (NYT) If you read nothing else, read this piece. It’s not exactly Internet, but it’s….connected. The very first cover story for Wired, nearly 20 years ago, predicted this.

Facebook’s Sandberg Gently Warns Europe About Privacy Rules (Bits) Europe may well prove a big problem for US Internet companies.

On pirates and piracy (ORR) Pirates don’t go after a few songs, the post explains. And it’s right.

Put Your Taproot Into the Independent Web (Searchblog) I point out some issues with focusing on Facebook as the core of any strategy.

Google Expands Tracking on Sites (ATD) An interesting take on Google’s new privacy policies.

Article: How Marketers Can Manage the Privacy Problem (EM) Or, opportunity.

The Awl’s Unconventional Ad Strategy (DD) Nice profile of a strong FM partner.

Pick up the pitchforks: David Pogue underestimates Hollywood (Shirky) Just a fun rant that should get you mad or grinning.

Online privacy: Do we have a right to be forgotten? Should we ‘embrace solitude’? (TNW) This is what Europeans tend to believe. We may well end up there. After all, they’ve lived a lot longer with society than we have…

Report: Media execs cautiously optimistic (B2B) Well, that’s been my outlook for decades.

The Web’s Growing Muscle (WSJ) Feeling buffed out yet?

Boxee Live TV now available for $49 – let the cord cutting begin! (Boxee) You know, if this is really, really for real…well, I’m sure it’ll be outlawed soon.


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