Weds. Signal: It’s a Good Day to Read The News

Sometimes our industry gets so dern interesting, it’s just a pleasure to riffle through the headlines. Today was such a day. Good writing, interesting issues, and a slight touch of the optimistic, even on a day when the markets thought the world had ended. This is why I love our industry. To the links:

The Death of Touch and the Lost Joy of the Unexpected (HuffPo/Ruxin) A pal pens a tribute to the physical. This feels like the first movement in a symphony. It’s not over yet.

We’re just getting started… (Foursquare Blog) Mark this day. The day Foursquare announced it plans to move to the next level on its own. An important moment in any company’s lifecycle. Congratulations. Now get to work.

Find more in Google Social Search (Google) The consolidation begins in Google’s play to compete with Facebook.

Meet Cisco Cius: Android tablet for workers, students.  Watch out, iPad? (ZDnet) Look folks, here’s a major player with an iPad competitor. Did I predict 30 within a year, just last month? Yes, I believe I did.

Privacy Concerns Fail to Slow Social Activity (eMarketer) We are way more wired to connect to each other, than we are wired to not connect.

How To Prep Content For Social Media (SEL) A practical guide from a good source.

Android Cheat Sheet: The Top 6 Android Phones (GigaOm) A resource I found helpful as I did research on getting an Android phone. I’m getting one to understand the ecosystem, and it turns out, it’s a really good time to get an Android phone. A lot of cool stuff coming out. I may have to get more than one. Just to grok the ecosystem, you understand.

Ads That Follow You Across the Internet – A Twist on an Old Idea (Open Forum) Look guys, we all get retargeting. Right? Right….?!

Digital Magazines Don’t Encourage Socializing (NYTBits) Lord, I coulda told you this a decade ago. I’m pretty sure I did. Wait, I’m pretty sure I lived this.

Why Marketers Should Pay Attention to Booming Gaming Trend (AdAge) We’ll have the CEO of Zynga and the key gaming partner from Kleiner at Web 2. Stay tuned for more on this.

Best Blogs of 2010 (Time) Pleased that many FM sites made it again.

You know it, you love it, it’s….FM’s featured campaign of the week: HP Input/Output – Yeah, I’m the featured talking head. So why do you think I chose it, because I like the design?! Yeah, I do, by the way. And hey, take a look around. I’m in pretty good company.

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  1. John signals are great, but I’m missing the more thoughtful stuff you sometimes give us!
    I hope you can make some time to start writing!

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