Weds. Signal: Is Facebook Threatened? In a Word…Yes.

It’s week two of Google+ mania, and the new service from Google seems more than a shot across Facebook’s bow, now it appears Google is actually landing blows. As one person (not an Internet insider but savvy nonetheless) said to me: “I’m tired of Facebook, and I love Google’s circles…am I crazy?” Apparently not. So, does Google have a hit on its hands? And is Facebook threatened? Well, yes, and no. Yes, Google has a hit on its hands, but let’s remember Orkut was a hit for about two months as well. And no, for now, Facebook is still the one to beat. But you can bet the folks at Facebook are sweating their next move(s). To the links:

Google+ To Pass 10,000,000 Users Tomorrow (on 7/12) (Paul Allen on G+) A rough estimate, but defensible. Some say it’ll hit 20 million this weekend.

An App for Organizing Facebook Friends (NYT) Good lord, do I need this. I plan to try it. Why isn’t it on the web also?!

Facebook for Every Phone (Facebook Mobile) Wait, on the same day as the Kleiner backed startup tries to fix the issues that Google+ exposed? Oh, toooo rich.

How Much Is a User Worth? (Technology Review) I bet Google and Facebook are both wondering that right now.

How Banks Plan To Compete With Groupon (Forbes) I doubt it’s as bad as all that, but it could be pretty bad if we don’t pay attention.

Found Quotes, 8 (kk) My Wired co-founder Kevin Kelly is always wonderful. These quotes are truly great.

Time For A New Software Economy (Searchblog) In which I argue that it’s time for “real” web applications to emerge. Like ones that integrate Google+ with Facebook, where neither company stops such a thing from happening.

Google’s Data Exchange Play (DD) More on the rumored move. Remember, it’s a rumor.

In the Google-Facebook race, privacy will determine the winner (CNN Money) In a way. Data rights is really what the article should focus on.

Yahoo Prepares New Web Ad Push (WSJ) Rumors of a new approach by Yahoo to monetizing the “rest of the web.” Swing for the fences, Yahoo, while the other guys are focused on social.

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2 thoughts on “Weds. Signal: Is Facebook Threatened? In a Word…Yes.

  1. FreezeCrowd will be coming soon for the college student and alumni market, so Google Plus isn’t the only social networking way.

  2. Heard from an ad services vendor yesterday that Facebook stalled a co-development project that’s been brewing between the two for several months, because FB had to prioritize dealing with Google+. Facebook sees G+ as a threat, without question. We’ll all keep watching if our non-industry “friends” start migrating over. Personally, I think Zuckerberg sounded naive when he said that their experience shows that people don’t want to manage groups. Groups the way that Facebook has set them up, yes. Circles the way Google has set them up, no. Circles are actually kinda fun.

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