Weds. Signal: Have A Slow Drink, It Was That Kind of Day

It wasn’t exactly a slow news day, but perhaps a less than interesting one is a better way to put it. When the most compelling stuff has to do with Jack Daniels and American Airlines, you know the world has taken a collective breath, after what was one heckuva few days. To the links:

Jack Daniel’s Is First Spirits Brand to Buy Twitter Ads (ClickZ) Somehow, I feel proud of this. Is that so wrong?

American Airlines to offer in-flight streaming to personal devices (ZDnet) Now, this would solve my United problem, wouldn’t it?!

Daily Deals by the Numbers (StreetFight) You want to grok the daily deal craze? Here ya go.

Social Media Shapes Up As Next Analytic Frontier (InfoWeek) At an HP conference Tuesday, I heard the WW Director of Digital Marketing say something very smart: Social media is like the “assist you always see before the goal.” I hope we measure it as such.

RIM appoints co-CEO Jim Balsillie to lead marketing efforts (Electronista) Now the co-CEO is running marketing for a brand that badly needs it after a damaging quarter and a punishing Wall St. reaction.

What’s on Osama bin Laden’s Hard Drive? Hopefully a Lot. (ATD) I was wondering when the “what’s on Osama’s computer” angle was going to break. This could be quite interesting, but, given there was no Internet in that compound, not as interesting as we might wish!

Ownership of TV Sets Falls in U.S. (NYT) A milestone to be sure.

FM’s program of the day is My Life Scoop’s Mother’s Day Sweepstakes, from Intel.

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