Weds Signal: Happy News Year

Signal seekers, we’re back. It was nice to take a couple weeks off, but it’s time to dive into the world of links again. Let’s just get to them for now, shall we? We’re all busy, after all. We have that final swig of expiring egg nog to quaff, after all…

Beyond the Uncanny Valley (KK) Kevin really liked Rin Tin Tin.

Are we on information overload? (Salon) Interview with David Weinberger, who is a thoughtful dude.

Techmeme’s biggest stories of 2011, literally, as measured by height (TM) Surprisingly unsurprising.

For Consumers, Android Is More “Clopen” Than Open (ML) A very well argued post that says, in essence, Google is fumbling the ball with Android.

Bullshit (Marco) Short, to the point, worth a look. Our main tech companies, no wait, media companies, believe their own shit.

The Un-Internet (Wired) Dave Winer continues to rail at where things are going with regard to apps and such. And he thinks no matter what, the Internet will win. I agree.

Predictions 2012: #1 – On Twitter and Media (Searchblog) Twitter will become a full fledged media company in 2012.

Predictions 2012: #2 – Twitter As Free Radical, Swiss Bank, Arms Merchant…And Google Five Years Ago (Searchblog) And it will be a key element in the strategy of the “Internet Big Five.”

Google Bases a Campaign on Emotions, Not Terms (NYT) Given the kerfuffle around Google’s use of Unruly Marketing, this light touch profile of Google’s marketing efforts must have been welcome in the halls of the search giant.

What the Public Commons Is Missing (KK) More goodness from Kevin. “A tragedy of the commons occurs when members behave selfishly and deny the commons what is due.”

What’s Coming In 2012 (PC) Overview of a series on the site.

When Moms Shop, They’re Highly Digitized — and Not Just for Pencils and Wipes (AdAge) We knew this, but it’s good to see it in black and white.



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