Weds. Signal: Google Beats The Android Drum, Microsoft Buys Skype

Google opened its I/O developer conference today (live stream here) with some impressive stats on Android growth. And to make sure the crowd was pleased, the company gave everyone in the room a free Samsung Galaxy Tab. Meanwhile, Microsoft paid handsomely for Skype. To the links:

Android at 400K activations per day, 200K apps, 100m devices (Electronista) Momentum continues to build, but the business model for developers via the app store is still a bit wobbly.

Facebook to Take Lead in Display on Web? Hold On… (Searchblog) In which I question some news reports.

Liveblog: Microsoft Explains the Skype Deal (ATD) Microsoft announced its acquisition of Skype yesterday, and then had a conference call to explain it. I think it’s a very smart move by the giant, if they can execute on the big vision behind it. CEO Steve Ballmer will be at the Web 2 Summit this year. Also see DealBook: The Big Winners in Skype Deal (NYT)

The Big Bet on Social Data (DigiDay) I agree that this is a space to watch.

Why clicks are the wrong metric (iMedia) “In a test-control scenario, customers who saw IMVU ads were 10 percent more likely to become paying customers, regardless of whether they clicked on an ad or not.”

Article: Why Do Affluent Consumers Connect with Brands on Social Networks? (eMarketer) Information and staying in touch higher than saving money. Not surprising, but interesting to content marketing for HHI.

How to Email Busy People (humbledMBA) As one of those busy people clearing hundreds of emails a day, I have to say “bravo!”

For Journalists, a Call to Rethink Their Online Models (NYT) Yes yes and yes. “That does not mean yielding editorial control to sponsors, but it might mean coming up with alternatives to impression-based pricing, creating higher-value content for the Web by tapping into page view data, and helping to ensure that Web ads have value on their own….”

FM’s program of the day is again Daily Buzz Moms, because it’s that good.

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