Weds Signal: Again, It’s About the Conversation!

(image) The past couple of days’ links remind us how important it is for brands (and all of us) to be in real conversations – the kind publishers are good at (at least, good publishers). To the links:

Want to Tweet? First, Teach Your Brand to Speak: Coupons and Contrition Are Just Not Enough to Engage Audiences (Noah Ad Age) I feel like I’ve been saying this for years, but … it’s a conversation. And to join it, you need to know how to speak in the right voice.

Article: Advertisers Begin to Look Beyond Facebook and Twitter (eMarketer) Er….about time.

5 Things Lady Gaga Can Teach Marketers About Community Building (FC) This is a fun piece, a bit obvious, but … it’s about voice and community, and, well, conversation.

Facebook Ads API Goes Live for All (ClickZ) A big step for the company to help create a real ecosystem. Though the company will deny it, the next big step is a web wide ad platform.

Design by Visionary Versus Committee (Gina) I agree, to a point. I do not like dictatorships. I like leaders.

Groupon’s Worst Nightmare: Amazon Entering Daily Deals Space (PC) I have to agree. Amazon is far scarier than Facebook or Google in this space.

Data and the human-machine connection (ORR) Very interesting stuff. “I look at the so-called “big data phenomenon” as the instantiation of human experience.”

Who Will Be Here One Generation From Now? (Searchblog) My call for your help on which companies will be here a generation from now.

Face-ID Tools Pose New Risk (WSJ) And new rewards. Why is all of this always framed as a scare? In one generation, I’d warrant this stuff will be pretty typically accepted and instrumented in our social lives.

Big Media Ring Up Sales as Ads Keep Coming (Reuters) Big, old, TV driven companies are making money again. That’s usually the peak of a cycle.

The 20 Most-Shared Video Ads of the Month (Mashable) In case you want to watch all 20…

The Ad Exchange Quality Issue (DD) Yes, indeed.


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