Tuesday Signal: Who’s Your CEO Now, Baby?

New execs at well-known companies leads the news for this Monday. To the links:

#newtwitterceo (Twitter Blog) Congrats to both Dick and to Ev (see video of my interview with Dick here). I think this is a great move, and after speaking to Dick today, it’s clear it’s a very genuine one. Then again, I’ve found Dick to be one of the most genuine folks I’ve ever encountered in this crazy business. Related: Twitter Launches ‘Promoted Accounts’: Twitter Users React To Twitter’s New Money-Maker (HuffPo)

Skype lands Cisco’s Tony Bates as new CEO (Engadget) An unfortunate photograph, I must say, but maybe Engadget did that on purpose. Seems however like a very solid Wall St. friendly hire as Skype prepares for an IPO.

Another new hire: Zynga Hires Yahoo’s David Ko As SVP Of Mobile (TC)

Here comes Google TV (Google) Yes, here it comes. And it’s just starting. See also Google Enters Content Partnerships for Google TV (ATD)

And while we’re at it, Google: Ad revenues already cover Android costs (intoMobile) It’s just the beginning here too. Ads are one model. The next model for Google beyond search is here on Android’s shoulders: Music, Games, and Content. This is Google’s moonshot – the future of the company.

Help! My Smartphone Is Making Me Dumb — or Maybe Not (Wired) No it is NOT making you dumb. Perhaps, however, your use of it is. Then again, maybe you are a “supertasker”.

Google, Yahoo, AOL Join Self-Regulation Push for Behavioral Ads (ClickZ) Important that the industry continue to listen and respond to the market. Given how hard it is to get this group to agree on anything, I’d call this progress.

The world’s worst digital marketing advice (iMedia) You know, I’d love to read this. But iMedia has become the one place that irritates me the most, in that every piece they write is broken into as many clicks as possible. It’s really, really bad. Just thought I’d point out the irony here.

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2 thoughts on “Tuesday Signal: Who’s Your CEO Now, Baby?

  1. Hi John,
    I’m the VP of Publishing for iMedia Connection. First off, thanks for your feedback on our site. I’m an avid reader of the Signal and take your feedback seriously. This is not the first time I have heard criticism of our multipage pieces, and it is something we have been discussing internally for some time. As a niche publisher, we have to play the impressions game like everyone else. iMedia Connection is far from the only publisher driving clicks through multiple page views; see Mashable, NYT, Wired, etc.
    All of this said, we aren’t just a publisher, we are also readers. We will be launching the ability to view multipage stories on one page in very short order. But in the meantime, you can currently view all multipage stories on one page via clicking the “print page” link or subscribing to our RSS feed: http://feeds.feedburner.com/ImediaConnectionAll
    Josh Messinger
    Vice President, Online
    dmg :: events

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    John Battelle on said:

    Joshua – very cool of you to respond, I really appreciate it. Thanks for doing that and showing us how we can enjoy your content in one gulp!

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