Tuesday Signal: What, It Gets Harder From Here?

Welcome back from Summer, team Internet Industry. You know you’d rather be at Burning Man, right? Sorry, it’s time to get to work. Come on, Apple and Facebook, work it out, give us a way to connect Ping with our social graph, or Twitter will do both of you one better by playing each of you off the other. And come on Google, it’s time to admit what you already know – your tryst with Verizon was a burning man fling, it’ll never make it to full fledged Grease proportions, will it (you know, where you both fly away into the sunset)?

I guess we’ll find out as the Fall develops, and man, what a Fall it will be. To set it up, grok these links:

First and foremost, does Ping suck? Fred says yes. But Fred’s on Twitter’s board. So…well, I think he’s probably right, but…Apple: One Million Ping Signups In Under 48 Hours (TNW). Given the reach, one might expect that but then…Apple’s Ping is a big pile of steaming dung (Cthulhu via TechMeme) …er, then again, this is not a good sign from the digerati.

China’s Baidu Refocuses on Mobile and Apps (RWW) Web 2 is coming, and it’s going to be ridiculous. Robin Li, CEO of Baidu, will be there. So will CEOs of Facebook and Google. Come!

How To Get Ahead In Advertising (Independent) Are you in marketing? Then pour yourself another coffee (or bourbon) and read some history, dammit.

What Big Brands Are Spending on Google (AdAge) I love the idea that Google is the “remote control” of the web. However, I don’t see the remote control as the interface of the future. More on that, well, in the next book.

More Thoughts On Demand: A Referendum of Sorts on Google and Social (Searchblog) If you want to read a considered piece on Demand, I’m happy to write one for you.

Facebook Brings ‘Liked’ News Stories To Search Results (PC) If you don’t think Facebook is deep into search, you are not paying attention. Points of control, my friend. Points of Control.

Ad Spend Forecast Again Revised Upward (MarketingProfs) Because the entire world isn’t crumbling, quite yet.

The FM program of the day is the ReadWriteHack channel sponsored by Intel Atom Developer Program. Hack on….

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