Tuesday Signal: The Long Goodbyes

It’s a day of moves – with my old partner Chas leaving Digg, Susan Wojcicki promoted at Google, and Ray Ozzie, who’s been at several Web 2′s, leaving Microsoft. But while Chas’s departure was pretty straightforward and Susan’s recognition long overdue, I’m scratching my head at Ray’s move. To the Links:

Dawn of a New Day (Ray Ozzie’s farewell letter) A very odd goodbye. As far as I can tell, Ray says “wow, the best is yet to come, let’s embrace the future,” then he leaves – but doesn’t mention why in the letter. Very odd. One would think in a letter announcing his resignation, the dude would actually resign. If you care, you could spend hours decoding the messages in this letter. But who has the hours?

Google Promotes Susan Wojcicki, Advertising Executive (NYT) Great for Susan, one of the coolest folks I know at Google.

Changes on the Work Front (ChasNote) My pal Chas leaves Digg for another startup. Godspeed Chas!

Mark Zuckerberg at Web 2: Third Time’s A Charm? (Searchblog) Help me interview the CEO of Facebook.

Why Content And Commerce Is A Marriage Made In Heaven (paidContent) Always has been, and always will be.

The DIgital Disruption (NYT) Google takes the high road on human rights.

The New Faces of Social Media (FastCompany) Look, I’m no cynic, but they’re all young and good looking. Meet the new wave, just like the last new wave….so what have we learned, folks? Back the smart, hot folks. Is that new? Nope. Just know where to look first, ok?!

FM’s program of the day is waiting till a few big launches happen later this week. I know, you’re all atwitter…

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