Tuesday Signal: Signal LA Going Off….

I am writing this from the SLS Hotel in LA, prepping for our day long conversation on content marketing, featuring Arianna Huffington, Tim Armstong, Peter Guber, Biz Stone, Peter Guber, and many many more. I hope we’ll make some news, but meanwhile, to the links:

Signal LA: The Curtain Raiser – Tim and Arianna Open A Sold Out Show (Searchblog) This is why Signal is so short today. I may not get to Weds, depending on how late the show goes…

Gawker Redesign Does Not Exactly Thrill the Internet (AOL) Well, it’s not going to ever be easy to change things up.

AOL’s Bet on Another Makeover (NYT) The Times’ take. Which given how conflicted most of the blog world is, might be the best take.

One in 50 Soldiers in Afghanistan Is a Robot (Wired) Wonder what that stat will be like in ten years?

Super Bowl XLV: Motorola’s New Xoom Ad References ’1984′ (pc) I missed commenting on this yesterday. I like the ad, but I didn’t get most of the nuances the first time. And the second and third times, I just got confused by which tablet was which.

Groupon Back Pedals After Viewers Fail to See the Humor and Compassion; Will Pull Super Bowl Ad (ATD) Oops.

Yahoo Will ‘Personalize’ Mobile Content (pc) Look for this to spread, if Yahoo can pull it off, to an “AdSense for Content”.

Best (and worst) Super Bowl social media moments (LostRemote) Fun to review them, Tuesday morning QB style.

Google Executive Wael Ghonim Admits He Was El Shaheeed (DB) Well that’s amazing. No way that this Google exec could have sparked what he did with Google Buzz, that’s for sure.

FM’s campaign of the day is Best Buy’s SuperBowl Buy Back content marketing campaign (apt, given the focus of Signal LA), on Devour, SAI, and many other places.

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