Tuesday Signal: Get Ye To Austin

Just a few days left before tens of thousands of geeks descend on Austin for SXSWi, and a couple hundred marketing geeks descend on Signal: Austin, which is pretty much sold out (I’m told we’ll sell tickets at the door, but registration is closed as of Tuesday midday I think). The first link, therefore, is my program overview of Austin: Signal. Self-promotion? You betcha! To the links:

Austin Curtain Raiser (FM Blog) If you can’t make the event, watch the livestream at least!

SXSW has become a must attend event for marketers (Dave Knox) SeewhatImean?!

YouTube Buys Next New Networks, a Video Producer (NYT) Congrats to our former partners, and a big move for Google, getting directly into the content business.

Advertising in Skype (Skype) Well, nothing’s free forever, is it? It only took ten years or so! Wonder if this has anything to do with its planned IPO? Nah…

How Facebook is Killing Your Authenticity (Steve’s blog) I predicted a Facebook backlash this year, it seems to be happening (again…). See also Steve Gillmor, Japan, and the Trojan Horse called Facebook Comments (Zenrool) I agree that anonymous commenting must be allowed.

Small Businesses Doubled Use of Twitter in 2010 (eMarketer) The key, as I’ve said before, to a service like Twitter scaling in revenue is capturing the long tail of advertisers: Small biz.

Charlie Sheen’s First Twitter Sponsor: Internships.com (ClickZ) Or, there’s always this.

Predicting Peak Media (IPG) Is there a point when we can say we’re entirely mediated? Not yet.

Is The Internet Enabling Bad Content… Or Killing Bad Content? (TechDirt) Enabling both, and the key, Mike says, is signal. Yep!

comScore Reports January 2011 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share (Comscore) And Android is #1.

Don’t Text and Drive: ZoomSafer Automatically Locks Your Phone While on the Road (FC) Creepy but not a bad idea.

Feature: Ars reviews the Motorola Xoom (Ars) A very thorough review of one of the first real challengers to the iPad.

FM’s campaign of the day is the Newman’s Own Recipe Video Sponsorship on Foodbuzz.

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