Tuesday Signal: Eat Yer Bran, Folks

Sometimes the news isn’t that interesting, folks, and today I struggled to get excited about much of anything. The links are worthy, but so’s a bowl of All Bran. To them:

E-Book Sales Soar Over Hardcovers (PC) This movie we’ve seen, again and again. Here’s the latest sequel.

No More Raspberries for BlackBerry (AdAge) Interesting – RIM users have gotten younger as the firm updates its phones.

LivingSocial Deal Contributes $2 Million to Japan Disaster Relief (Mashable) That’s pretty amazing.

Facebook’s Rise Is a Big Deal for Media Sites. For the Rest of the Web, Not So Much. (ATD) Hence a larger buzz across media as Facebook refers rise. Also see Report: Google Still Web’s Dominant Traffic Driver, But Some Niches See Facebook Gaining (SEL)

The Evolving Mission of Google (NYT) No kidding, Google’s a media company! Just not one with the *multiples* or content creation costs of a media business….

Happy 5th Birthday @Twitter: A look at Twitter’s growth by the numbers (Solis) Indeed, happy birthday Twitter!

Web Ads to Draw Nearly 25% of Local Spend by 2015 (ClickZ) Hence, Signal Austin’s focus on location…

The Mother Of Possibility (Lapham’s) Go out there, get focused… and get idle! I’ve always believed in this, and never practiced it enough.

FM’s program of the day is yet again PopPressed, a new site from FM, Lexus, and WordPress, offering “The freshest in culture.” This is a very cool new program, thanks Lexus!

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