Tuesday Signal: All In (How You Look At It In) Your Head

(image) Lately I’ve been thinking about the concept of the individual as we relate to social groups and in particular citizenship. It’s a fascinating part of who we are as social creatures. Last week, a bunch of such creatures met in Paris to politely disagree about the future of, well, pretty much everything. In the spirit of these intellectual disagreements, I’ve collected a holiday weekend’s worth of brainfood. Enjoy the links:

At the eG8, 20th century ideas clashed with the 21st century economy (ORR) A more skeptical take. As I said in an earlier post, I was invited to come to this conference, but just could not figure if the gathering was going to really move the needle. I imagine my not going was nothing more than a declarative vote of my own apathy, because if nothing else the meeting got some folks thinking, and talking, and writing, and that’s certainly worth something. If nothing else, leaders are on the record now, and the record will be important in the coming years.

At the e-G8 Summit: Jobs, Innovation, Balance and Transparency. Next, World Peace? (AdAge) Gee whiz, I went and I loved it take. However, I did like this nugget, which I’d love to verify: “On average, 21% of GDP growth in mature economies is coming from the internet.”

Secret G8 memo reveals outbreak of internet harmony (FT) Oddly, this is not big news. If it’s real, it should be. “The confidential document, seen by the FT, supports the internet’s role in furthering the distribution of knowledge and free speech, broadly accepting a light-touch, internationally harmonised approach to regulation.” Well shit, FT, publish the damn thing so we can make sense of it.

The Optimism Bias (Time) I love pieces which push a bright side.

The Brain On Sonar (Not Exactly Rocket Science) In other words, we have very, very interesting brains.

Disbelieving Free Will Makes Brain Less Free (Wired) Again, our minds are clearly plastic.

The Swan Song of Mich Matthews, Outgoing Chief of Marketing at Microsoft (Searchblog) CM Summit is really going to be good next week.

Human Brain Limits Twitter Friends To 150 (TR) Another Dunbar number story. And Twitter has only a half Dunbar problem. Facebook has a full Dunbar dilemma. Maybe Color can correct it. Maybe not.

The Colorful Bill Nguyen: The Market Will Come (Searchblog) One to watch.

‘Human Voice’ in Social Media Helps Build Customer Relationships, Positive WOM (Marketing Profs) Yeah, sounds easy. It’s not.


FM’s program of the day is again the CM Summit. It’s soooo damn good.

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