Thursday/Friday Signal: Well, It Ain’t Pretty, Folks, But It’s Real

(image) It’s not fun to have another August where it seems the thunderclouds are gathering in the global economy (shit, weren’t we here three years ago?!), but here we are. I sense that we’re on the brink – of realizing the way we’ve approached government and business simply isn’t working very well. Meanwhile, the industry we all love and are part of is steaming ahead, with its issues, conflicts, and small victories. To them:

The Second Great Contraction (Project Syndicate) It’s not easy, folks, but we’re not going to get out of this with hand waving.

Patriot Act affects European cloud adoption (ZDnet) This kind of stuff is powerful, if seemingly dull. It changes how important actors in our economy make decisions.

Behind The Numbers Of Google+’s Monumental Rise To 25 Million Visitors (SEL) A very, very fast rise compared to other services. Eye opening.

Why Did Facebook Buy an e-Book Publisher? (NYT) Well, perhaps it bought them for the team. Sure, for the team. But the leader of that team was a key designer on the iPhone. Think about that for a minute. How good is Facebook mobile? Yep. Not that good.

Google: Microsoft, Apple in an ‘organized campaign’ against Android (WaPo) It’s a war out there, for the future of how we use mobile devices.

New Facebook Analytics Tool Digs Deeper Than Insights (Mashable) New startup aims to help Facebook pages be more like…well…the web.

Who Am I, According to Google Ads? Who Am I, According to the Web? Who Do I Want to Be? (Searchblog) The latest in my posts about identity. If you read me closely, you’ll know I think this is a key issue in our society, as we define new frontiers of what it means to be human and social.

Pages are now self-serve! A new home for brands and organizations on foursquare. (Foursquare) Big move for the company in terms of working with brands.

Brains And Bots Deep Inside Yahoo’s CORE Grab A Billion Clicks (FC)  ”Yahoo is now in the process of rolling out the algorithm–it’s nicknamed CORE (for Content Optimization and Relevance Engine)–to its other media properties.” Expect the same for the rest of the web. If Yahoo doesn’t mess this up, it could be their “content adsense”….a very big deal.

DSPs Still Fall Short for Brands (DD) Still stuck in direct response. Is there a way out? Why yes, there is. Stay tuned….

Why Trading Desks are Conflicted (DD) Very big question. Zach reprises a fun panel where things got a bit…odd.

Randi Zuckerberg Runs in the Wrong Direction on Pseudonymity Online (EFF ) Last night on Twitter I predicted she would recant those words. But now, reports are  she will leave to start a consulting company. Facebook CEO Sister Plans Social Media Startup (ATD)

A Dashboard for Your Body (NYT) Early days yet, but augurs big shifts to come.

Report: Android Now 40 Percent Of Smartphone Market (SEL) Way ahead of Apple. Way ahead. But not in the marketplace of perception or of apps.


FM’s program of the day is the Dockers Fall ‘Alpha Khaki’ campaign. Example here.

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2 thoughts on “Thursday/Friday Signal: Well, It Ain’t Pretty, Folks, But It’s Real

  1. Regarding the Yahoo Core story, I knew there was something there! In May, I wrote that there was a huge opportunity for a new algorithm, but I didn’t elaborate any further than this:

    Here’s a Google app/product that should already exist (essentially ad placement in a different skin): a compilation of an individuals Google search requests that distinguishes their personality/traits/characteristics.

  2. The perception of Apple is that its trinkets are overhyped, overpriced fashion trinkets. With Android, people have choices on phone forms, capabilities and prices. And yes, there sure is alot of iPhone fart apps.

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