Thursday Signal: Yahoo’s Not Done Searching; Why Color Matters

Much has been written, and if I’m any kind of prognosticator, much more will be written, about Yahoo’s search for a way back to Internet dominance. But Yahoo’s search service has been, in the main, written off – due in large part to CEO Carol Bartz’s decision to outsource the core technologies to Microsoft’s Bing. But on Wednesday Yahoo declared that it’s still very much in the game, introducing a new interface many see patterned after Google’s “Instant” approach to results. Is it just a imitation? Yahoo says no. Meanwhile, a new service is launching today that I am rather taken with. To the links:

Introducing Search Direct – A Simpler Way to Find Answers Fast (Yahoo) Yahoo may be called an imitator to Google, but it has one thing Google does not – almost 200 million deep content graphs – logged in users who navigate Yahoo’s content in ways that can inform search results. Clearly, Yahoo knows this asset has legs. More here: Under the Hood – The Tech Powering Search Direct (Yahoo)

Head-To-Head: Yahoo Search Direct Vs. Google Instant (SEL) The search expert’s conclusion: Google still wins for some key kinds of queries. We’ll see over time if this is true.

Why Color Matters: Augmented Reality And Nuanced Social Graphs May Finally Come of Age (Searchblog) I don’t get excited very often. I’m excited by this.

Bubble Trouble? I Don’t Think So (ATD) Damn right. I’ve been saying this for months.

Tiny 3-D-Printed Insect Robots Take Flight (Wired) I had to include this, because it’s just so….new. See also Color, A Twitter For Photo And Video, Launches With $41 Million (Forbes) Watch this space, and I mean it. Color has figured out something very important: A useful approach to combining Twitter, augmented reality,  and social networking. Color may not work, but the space is ripe.

How StumbleUpon Went From Scrappy Startup to Social Media Powerhouse (Mashable) I’m impressed with StumbleUpon,  just think “stumble” might be a word we culturally can’t get past. Then again, I wasn’t a big fan of “Wired” in the first week or two either.

USA Today rewrites strategy to cope with Internet (YN) An innovator in 1980 struggles to innovate again.

A Data State Of Mind (Think) “Getting people used to talking with animated data is, to my mind, a literacy project.” Here here. A fascinating guy. This piece is from a new Google publication (yes, you read that right). More here: Think Quarterly: Google Launches Its Own Online Magazine (Newsgrange).

Google News executive: ‘We are not at war with Apple’ (Telegraph) And I am not getting older.

Facebook Test Mines Real-Time Conversations for Ad Targeting (AdAge) My take on this: Everbody Forgets About the Power of Intentional Declaration (Searchblog)

FM’s program of the day is Sprint’s sponsorship of CTIA coverage all over FM sites. See the unit here.

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