Thursday Signal: Why I Love My Job, Again.

I love this industry. I love what it can do, what it is doing, what it might do, and what it has already done. Today’s news just reminded me of that. To the links:

Meet Flipboard: Mike McCue Talks About Stealth “Social Magazine” (ATD) I saw this a few months ago. I kept quiet. I love this idea. I want it to work in a big way.

Stick it to the Man and email while driving with Text’nDrive. (TNW) Jesus. I have to start taking a nickel for every idea I rant about over more than 6000 posts on Searchblog. IE, Texting Is Stupid. What I love is that App World had supplanted Carrier World. And all in two years. I F*cking LOVE the Interwebs. And yes, thanks Steve Jobs. Now get out of our way.

Old Spice Guy. Brilliant. But not Social. (Mele’s Musings) Interesting observation – very good, but not very “real.” Very calculated. Not that it’s not a good idea to be so.

The Web Means the End of Forgetting (NYT) No shite, folks. Then again, worth noting.

500 Million Stories (Facebook Blog) Well, there you have it. Milestone reached. I have to say, it’s just wonderful to watch this unfold. And yet, the company most likely has yet to be launched that will supplant Facebook. And it will. This is why I love this industry, and the humanity, all half a billion of us, that embrace it.

Business problems need business solutions (Google Blog) Yes, we can save journalism. Er….wait, who’s we again?

How Coca-Cola Created Its “Happiness Machine” (Mashable) Just a good read about a campaign that seems to be a win all around.

What Marketers Can Learn From The Google-MySpace Ad Deal Failure (AdExchanger) Well, it all seems pretty obvious now, don’t it? But let’s not forget, alot of this had to do with search distribution, not marketing, back in 2006.

Go With What You Know: Google Ventures Invests in Search Marketing Start-up Trada ( ATD) Google invests in what Google knows best.

What Means This, To “Go Google”!? (Searchblog) Yes, it’s me again. Popping off.

Online Ad Spend Resumes Rapid Growth (AdWeek) OK, who doesn’t love a headline like that?

Today’s FM’s campaign of the day is GE Ecoimagination, which we are supporting through a partnership with TweetMeme. GE and partners are awarding $200,000,000 to ideas that advance the Smart Grid. Submit your idea. Get it funded. Watch it change the world. Are you guys starting to notice that FM and its partners are involved in some pretty cool stuff? I sure am.

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