Thursday Signal: Which Way Is The Wind Blowing? Yes.

(image) As I read my daily ration of 250 or so stories and headlines, I’ve found a pattern: white noise. Are we going into a new recession? For sure, maybe, no way. Is reality real? Yes, of course not. Are ad networks toast due to the rise of the trading desks? Nope, well kinda, we’ll see. At some point, one has to put a stake in the ground, right? Or a fork in the steak? Well, I’m done. To the links:

Neuroscience vs Philosophy (Nature) Free will is not an illusion. Reality is. (OK, sorry about that.)=

Hey, Guess What Happens to Advertising if the Economy Tanks (ATD) Yeah, yeah. Here we go again? We’ll see. But the fact is this: cycles may compress, but they remain cycles. But wait….

Exclusive: Facebook first half revenue hits $1.6 billion: source (Reuters) Well, I bet that leaked unintentionally. No really. Then again….

The survival tactics of threatened ad networks (iMedia) So ad networks are the dinosaurs of our age. Well that didn’t take long….

Bloggers Don’t Follow the Script, to ConAgra’s Chagrin (NYT) OMG. Really? Someone thought this was a good idea? Dude(s). Next time, call me. I promise to pick up.

Twitter and Bing renew their relationship for real-time search (TNW) It’s cool for search, but it won’t matter that much to Twitter’s bottom line.

Felix Salmon’s brain, Drudged: Meet Counterparties, a personal linkblog with Reuters branding (Nieman) Based on Percolate, which is from my pal James Gross, an early FM shaker. Good to see good things coming from our alums!

4chan Founder Launches Canvas, a Social Forum For Remixing Images (RWW) Chris Poole will be at Web 2. Speaking of….

The 2011 Web 2 Summit Program Is Live; My Highlights (Searchblog) It’s quite a lineup. Worth a peruse. I hope you’ll come. Email me if you want a discount. Note how we have major marketers in the mix.

Three Lessons From Two Months Of Tech Sector Madness (Wired) I’m liking Tim’s writing here. Worthy.

Dijit launches check-in service on top of universal remote (Lost Remote) No, really? An iPhone app that turns my iPhone into a universal remote? OK, now I like my iPhone.

10 different ways to use your Kindle (TNW) Wow. Two pieces that make my gadgets more useful. It’s….like the cosmos are aligning.

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