Thursday Signal: Twitter Throws Down, Facebook Notices

Signal is all about saving you time, to that end, the links that matter, with no delay or longwinded wind up about how Facebook and Twitter dominated the news this past 24 hours:

The End of the Like Era (DD) And not a moment too soon. A weak signal. I expect it will be bolstered shortly, in particular once Twitter executes on its advertising plans.

The Future of Twitter Ads (Searchblog) My thoughts on Twitter’s next steps in advertising.

At Long Last, Facebook Adds Twitter-Style Following, Calls It “Subscribe” (ATD) I’d say Facebook is aware of Twitter’s insurgence.

Along With Subscriptions, You’ll Soon Be Able To Update Twitter From Facebook (TC) A big strategic shift, not without major implications.

All for One! Yahoo, AOL, Microsoft Band Together for Ad Plan. (ATD) I see the logic behind this. I don’t see it working very well, unless there is a platform underneath it that is seamless and efficient. People (sales, marketing, management egos) often get in the way of these grand strategies. Why not just merge and get it over with?

Here’s Why AOL, Yahoo and Microsoft Are Teaming Up to Fight Facebook and Google (Forbes) What, Forbes, you have to sound all TBI now? In any case, good headline, no payoff here. Why are they doing it? Because if it works, it will help stave off a threat. If it doesn’t, not much lost.

Sorry Apple, Windows 8 ushers in the post-post-PC era (BGR) I noted the new Windows 8 preview yesterday. This is the most positive piece I’ve seen on a Microsoft OS release in years.

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