Thursday Signal: So Many Links, So Little Time

Nothing thematic to report today, save the launch of a new project by a guy who spends far too many late night hours compiling links for the likes of you. A fair amount of them to be had, though. And to them:

Clash of the Tablets: From iPad to TouchPad, 6 Slates Compared (Wired) And more on the way.

News Corp Unloads Myspace in $35 Million Sale (ATD) That is one hell of a fall. Justin Timberlake took a stake. Wow.

As quickly as they opened up, Google+ closes invites again after insane demand (TNW) Gee, I feel dumb for not using all my 15 invites. Sorry guys. But I was working.

Why the Browser Matters (Ben) Part history, part remembrance, part lesson in why the good fight is worth it. Mike Homer invested in FM back in 2005.

Advertisers Take to Facebook Slowly (DigiDaily) Well, they are taking it slow, but it’s growing like crazy.

5 Ways the Advertising Industry Is Preparing for a Digital Future (Mashable) A video roundup of learnings from the Cannes Lions.

What We Hath Wrought: The Book (Searchblog) This is the new book I am now officially working on. Tell me what you think.

Article: National Advertisers Attracted to Local Trends (eMarketer) Fish where the fish are.

Stat of the Day: 68% of Millennials Ask Friends Before Choosing a Restaurant (AdAge) Only 68%?!

FM’s program of the day is the launch of, the redesigned L’Oreal beauty site. Very proud of our work here.

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