Thursday Signal: It’s All Google, But It’s Not All Good

(image) For two days running, the news is headlined by Google, but it’s not all Android and Chrome – there’s also half a billion in lost earnings to discuss. To the links:

DOJ Investigating Google Ads; $500 Million Set Aside For Potential Settlement (SEL) Apparently Google is reserving income against a DOJ claim that it was partially responsible for bad actions by advertisers using its AdWords/AdSense systems. Hmmm.

Chrome store expands, takes 5% cut, gets Angry Birds on web (MacNN) A 5% cut is really, really low. This could be big.

A new kind of computer: Chromebook (Google) Apparently the difference between Chrome and Android is the term “computer” as opposed to “Tablet” or “SmartPhone.” I think.

Google Chrome: 160 Million Users & Counting (Mashable) This is for Chrome, the browser. Not Chrome, the OS. Which I am sure will be one and the same about this time next year.

Time To Look For Readers, Not Clicks (PC) Good lessons here for publishers (and brands) “… it’s time for publishers to realize the value isn’t in traffic; it’s in the engagement of core users.”

Initial Web 2 Summit Lineup Announced (Searchblog) This is just the beginning of what promises to be the most comprehensive and far-reaching Web 2 lineup ever. Stay tuned.

Whose job is content? (iMedia) Short answer: Yours.

FCC Commissioner leaves for Comcast (cNet) This move managed to make nearly everyone I read tonight pretty upset.

Mind Your Manners: ‘Thank You’ Is a Powerful Marketing Device (AdAge) All I can say is THANK YOU for reading Signal. I mean it!

FM’s program of the day is the CM Summit conference in New York during Internet Week. An amazing lineup!

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