Thursday Signal: Google Got Buzzed, Sobers Up With +1

Today brought two pieces of Google social news: First, a 20-year slap on the wrist from the FTC for the bungled Buzz rollout, and next, the rollout of the deceptively-limited-in-nature “+1″. To the links:

FTC Charges Deceptive Privacy Practices in Google’s Rollout of Its Buzz Social Network (FTC) The official wrist slappage. Also see Twenty Year FTC “Privacy Audit” Intended To Punish, Make Example Of Google from SEL. In short, the company – and by extension, the entire industry – is on notice.

+1: Google Figures Out a Way To Leverage Search. (Searchblog) Good for Google, if they don’t get in their own way by not integrating with Twitter. Timing is funny, eh?

Microsoft Launches An Ad Exchange — Run By Somebody Else (SAI) Run by somebody else…for now.

Tablets might be a flash in the pan: Microsoft global chief strategy officer (SMH)

Amazon’s Cloud Service Is A) Legal B) Illegal?  C) Probably Here To Stay (ATD) I was at Sony today and spoke to CEO Howard Stringer about this. In the end, the music biz has to price its content appropriate to all use, not to limited distribution assumptions (like one download per machine, or per use case, etc).

Salesforce Buys Social Media Monitoring Company Radian6 For $326 Million (TC) Radian6  is one of the better of a class of “social listening” companies. I expect a few more to be sold before this is all over. Clearly Salesforce is opening a new front in its offerings to enterprise, and the rise of marketing as a serious IT play has itself another proof point.

Skittles Faux Interactive Cat Ad Goes Viral (Mashable) It’s not Friday yet, but I’m on a plane and I needed a laugh. However, all I got was creeped out.

FM’s program of the day is the return of AT&T’s NCAA TitleTweets and all of its related promotion across the FM network.

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