The Weekly Signal, Jan 28: Apple, Snake Bit?

So many stories broke last week, it’s hard to pick the ones I might highlight. But reviewing the lot, it’s clear we should start with Apple: Last week marked the moment the wormed once again turned on the perennial press favorite, as iPhone sales – and Apple profits -missed targets. Also, Google and Facebook made waves, as did Twitter’s new play in video, and more. To the links:

Apple’s Profit Rocket Hit Air Pocket (AP) This story (and those like it) started a week of rolling “Apple has lost it” types stories, followed by “The press is overreacting and has it wrong” reactions. Balance can be found here: Anti-Apple Anger(Marco). More: Exxon has surpassed Apple as world’s most valuable company after iPad maker’s stock falls (WaPo). Who knew Apple was just the “iPad maker”?!

Redesigning Google: how Larry Page engineered a beautiful revolution (Verge) A very well done piece on design inside Google is one of several pieces revolving around the Internet giant. Also worthy: Searching for Relevance: Yahoo Aiming to Be the “Google of Content” (ATD) – Kara notes that, in fact, Google probably thinks it’s the Google of content; and Why Does Google Still Reward Content Scraping? (BuzzFeed) which makes a very good point, albeit a biased one. And here’s a very interesting new platform from Gil Elbaz, who knows a bit about Google (he sold his company to Google and has left): A Free Database of the Entire Web May Spawn the Next Google (TechReview).

Meanwhile, Twitter had news about video, which I kind of set up unwittingly with this post on Monday: Portrait of Twitter As A Young Media Company (Searchblog). Twitter’s Vine app debuted to mostly good reviews, though porn has been spotted (shocking). A great way to grok Vine is this: Watch Vine videos sprout in real time with Vinepeek (Verge).

We can’t ignore Facebook, which made waves this past week by cutting off competing services. TechCrunch: Facebook Is Done Giving Its Precious Social Graph To Competitors.

Lastly, where there’s smoke, there’s a big fire…at least, that’s what I claim in  It’s Time To Call Out Fraud In The Adtech Ecosystem (Searchblog). Support can be found here: AppNexus Secures $75 Million After Long Road To Funding (AdExchanger).


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