The New Signal: The Best Stuff Of the Week, Feb 19 Edition

Welcome to the renewed Signal, where I’ll be reviewing the best stories in media, marketing and Internet culture from the week that was. The past seven or so days have seen plenty of notable news, including the launch of our own CM Summit, headlines from All Things D’s media conference, a blow up between an innovative car company and an old school newspaper brand, and a renewed debate about the role of brands in content creation. To the links!

The 2013 Summit Arrives: Bridging Data And Humanity (Searchblog) You really must come to this conference. It’s the only one I’m curating this year.

Dish Chairman Ergen Doesn’t Want To Kill Ads, He Wants To Make Them Better (TC) One of the best of many headlines from ATD’s conference last week. Ergen pretty much makes the case for Aereo, whose CEO will speak at CM Summit in May (see above!).

Google: Half of Ads to Go Online in Five Years (ATD) It’s so easy to say it, when secular trends will make it true regardless of what your company does. Truth be told, however, Google stands to make a bucket of money from samesaid secular trend.

Are These the Big Innovators in Digital Media? (DD) I like small pieces that make big points. As in, the list Fast Company created was shallow, lame, and without rigor.

Tesla, the New York Times and the leveling of the media playing field (PC) A good overview of the story of the week.

Advertisers Should Act More Like Newsroom  (HBR) Sh*t howdy, content marketing must be hot, because Harvard is writing about it! Then again, this is the university that gave us Facebook, right? Although, let’s be careful when we talk about newsrooms making branded content…

Reporters Need to Understand Advertising. But Should They Be Making It? (Searchblog) Yep, that’s me, opining on the topic. Not that I’ve got any experience in the space, but…

Hacked Burger King account embarrasses brand-friendly Twitter (Verge) Seems appropriate to end on a lighter note. I mean, who on earth has time, or even cares enough, to hack Burger King’s account? The result was pretty funny, though.

35 CEOS, CMOs, VCs, and media leaders in two days of unscripted conversation. Come to the CM Summit to join the conversation about “Bridging Data and Humanity.” New York City, May 21-22. The only conference this year curated by your faithful correspondent.