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The Xbox Experience — Microsoft’s Trojan Horse?

In today’s Signal: The comeback of the subscription model; has Microsoft found its Trojan Horse?; one man’s love of Twitter over Facebook; the U.K. to introduce targeted TV ads; an alternative roadmap for the ad industry; and more.

To the links …

The Subscriptionization of Everything: Why it’s Time for Publishers to Get Intimate with their Audiences (PandoDaily) Hamish McKenzie discusses the comeback of the subscription model. “For quality media with a semi-long shelflife that can’t wholly be supported by page-view-driven advertising, subscriptions provide much-needed pennies and are good for providing consumer data, which can be directly or indirectly exchanged or mined for more pennies,” he writes. “Subscriptionization is also the natural corollary to atomization. As media content is increasingly pried away from bundles, broken into pieces, and dispersed across the Web through social and “dark social” means, there also arises a counter opportunity for consolidation.”

Who Do Online Advertisers Think You Are? (NYT) A longish look into the rather fuzzy business of data-driven online marketing.

Microsoft’s Trojan Horse: The Xbox in Your Living Room (Ad Age) Millions of consumers have adopted Microsoft’s Xbox as both a gaming console and a command center for personal home entertainment. Some have even begun to abandon traditional cable and satellite systems for a Web-based Microsoft-enabled solution. Chris Copeland, CEO of GroupM Next, explains how now, with the Windows 8 experience matching more closely the Xbox experience,  Microsoft could seize the moment from challengers.

Why I love Twitter and Barely Tolerate Facebook ( “Facebook is mired in the past,” writes Matt Haughey, founder of and co-founder of and But Twitter, on the other hand, is to him provocative and uplifting: “Twitter is a steady stream of mostly joy and makes my life better. Facebook is filled with people I barely know, chain-emails and disaster news about the sky falling that reminds me of my own past as well as my “friends” at every turn.”

Coming in 2013 – Targeted TV Ads (Paid Content) Soon, two of the UK’s big pay-TV operators will show targeted ads to viewers. The biggest impact of these launches could be to establish platform operators, not broadcast networks, as the most more innovative ad targeters.

A Modest Proposal on ‘Viewable’ Ads (Ad Age) The IAB’s push for display advertising to use “viewable impressions” to replace impressions as the currency for online display advertising is an interesting idea, but viewable impressions are not ready to be launched, says Ari  Paparo. “We need an alternative roadmap for the industry,” he writes. And he’s got a proposal.

comScore: Samsung Increases Lead as Top U.S. Mobile Device Maker, Apple Passes LG for Second Place (TNW) Samsung gained 0.7 percentage points from 25.6 percent to 26.3 percent, while Apple jumped 1.5 percentage points from 16.3 percent to 17.8 percent. LG fell to 17.6 percent, Motorola dropped to 11.0 percent, and HTC was down to 6.0 percent.


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