Signal, September 9: Will Cards Replace Links?

This week in last week’s best links: cards are the next big trend; customers promote complaining Tweets; Polyvore finds a toehold; everyone needs a head of content; the Future of Advertising sketched out; NSA and encryption; the Netflix Effect on television entertainment; Techmeme Heds is awesome. Enjoy!

Why cards are the future of the web | Inside Intercom Content aggregation reaches next-level organization. With Twitter and Google presenting more information in smaller pieces of real estate, we’re finding that linked pages are no longer the future of the web. (We’re not sure that’s a good thing.)

Will Angry Customers Buy Twitter Ads to Air Grievances Now? | Digital – Advertising Age Lost luggage on a recent British Air flight caused an aggrieved passenger to purchase promoted tweets to air his complaint. Is this a trend that’s hopeful or bullying?

Polyvore: Connecting Commerce To The Sphere Of Social Data
Polyvore lets users mix and match products they’ve clicked from around the web into “sets” of the latest trends. These sets are easily sharable to Pinterest, Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter. With 600 retail partners and a CPC offering, this company also has a strong international presence.

Why Companies Need a Head of Content Strategy, Creation and Distribution | Adweek Every piece of communication that a company creates is a sharable asset. Every company needs a person responsible for the tone of the content. Heads of content need to be part journalist, marketer and anthropologist.

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Checking out the New Belgium Brewing Fat Tire 2013 Tour de Fat, long-term FM publisher Boing Boing hits up Fort Collins.


“The Future Of Advertising” cartoon | Tom Fishburne: Marketoonist Where is the personalization of marketing headed? Will marketers meet you in meatspace?

How the N.S.A. Cracked the Web | New Yorker The latest news about the NSA’s ability to circumvent encryption software for private data access, leaves us to make sense of the reasons and the risks.

The networks’ House of Cards: Kevin Spacey’s salvo and the new “Netflix effect” | Giga Om Through House of Cards and other shows, Netflix teaches old fashioned TV what entertainment consumers really want. Netflix is unusually agile and data-driven, for television.

The Best Tech News Site That Isn’t a Tech News Site That Didn’t Exist Yesterday | All Things D “An Honest Techmeme Headline Editor,” Techmeme Heds is a truth-telling Twitter feed that began tweeting last week.

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