Signal, September 2: Acxiom Opens Kimono

Check out OpenCo DetroitThis holiday weekend Acxiom pivots its approach to data;  budgets moving from television to digital, Indonesian tweeters, a barbell strategy, programmatic theories, OpenCo heading to Detroit, programmatic changing the future of digital ad sales, Yahoo getting native, tech ads skewered, Qubit taking off, Yahoo’s ad formats making more news, and ad exchanges getting more secure.

Welcome to last week’s best links!

A Data Broker Offers a Peek Behind the Curtain | NYT Acxiom has made a major move to open its databanks to the people whose data it holds. The biggest shift? You can edit it, and suppress it, for free. This may be the pivot point for “consumer as platform” for marketing data. (Caveat: I am on the Board of Acxiom.)

There’s A Major Shift From TV To Digital Video Ad Spending | Business Insider A huge majority — 75% — of U.S. senior executives plan to shift budgets away from television to digital ads. Facebook is already on it, with video offerings ready to go.

In Indonesia, buzzers are not heard, but tweet for money | Reuters Jakarta has more active tweeters than anywhere else in the world. A common marketing strategy is to pay those with 2k or more followers — buzzers — to share marketing messages with their followers. The missing ingredient? Transparency.

Now, Let’s Stop Calling These Ads ‘Native’ | AdAge In which the author argues none of the native ad offerings we all know are, in fact, native.

Can AOL’s ‘Barbell’ Ad Strategy Save Digital Publishing? | AdAge AOL’s CEO Tim Armstrong described his Barbell ad strategy on the company’s most recent earnings call. This strategy purports to balance the divide between marketing and programmatic advertising with data and analytics.

3 Theories About Programmatic Buying | AdExchanger Marcus Pratt takes a closer look at three theories about programmatic ad buying — Programmatic Is Synonymous With RTB, Programmatic Is More Efficient and Programmatic Is Better For Buyers — to make a case for tearing down the wall between strategy and programmatic teams.

Want to See How Detroit Is Coming Back? | Battelle Media Despite Detroit’s recent bad press, or maybe because of it, there’s an increased interest in innovation coming out of Michigan. The latest OpenCo event, this September 11th features Detroit Mayor Dave Bing, Dave Egner, Jeff DeGraff, Ben Bator, Amy Kaheril, Monty Luke and Michelle Srbinovich.

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Check out how Tidy Mom uses Green Works both inside and outside.

FM site Hands on as we grow incorporates Green Works into the family routine.


How Programmatic is Changing Ad Sales Teams | Digiday With interviews with programmatic ad trading’s big players, Digiday shares their thoughts on what the future of digital ad sales, including that barbell analogy from above.

“Selling into this world requires business development skills, a curious nature, and a consultative nature. It’s not for everyone.”

Yahoo Stream Ads Rely On Location Data, Contextual Targeting| AdExchanger Yahoo’s Stream Ads, a native ad format, were added earlier this year. These sponsored postsare designed to match the content and layout of the page. They are part of the company’s effort, to “launch more personalized, immersive advertising opportunities..” Relevance is determined from email keywords.

Every Tech Commercial | MediaRedefined This hilarious take on tech ads is worth watching. Bonus points for spotting the baguette.

Ex-Googler Talks Tag Management: This Is Really About ‘Data Management’ | AdExchanger Four Ex-Googlers are selling a technology stack that’s looking at the incremental revenue. They’re doing this by driving conversion rates on websites by combining traditional web analytics, with A/B testing functionality and personalization.

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Trendhunter features Samsung’s latest live-stream, interactive reality show called SOS Island: Survival of the Smartest, where 16 contestants are to be trained by survival expert Les Stroud for the survival challenge of a lifetime.


Yahoo Sites to See Fresh Redesigns, Native Ads | VentureBeat More from Venture Beat on Yahoo’s redesigned pages that make space for native ad units.

Could A Nasdaq-Style Glitch Bring Ad Trading To Its Knees? | AdExchanger AdExchanger looks at the technology behind Ad Trading to see how it’s different from Nasdaq means that security, controls and regulation become even more important.