Signal, September 16: Twitter Goes To Market

This week in last week’s best links: CRM and brand marketing meet in the middle, sponsored posts start up on The New Yorker, Net Neutrality opponents go head to head, Twitter buys MoPub – it’s a big deal, Yahoo’s upfronts, Julian Assange carries on, Coke Romainia + Twitter = a great campaign, brands as publishers come under fire, RocketFuel’s IPO fuels discussion, digital agencies share dissatisfaction. On to the stories!

More Effective Data Solutions: Bridging CRM and Digital Marketing | ClickZ We can now leverage the expertise of direct marketers for help executing against the new digital marketing targeting opportunities. Targeting is growing up.

The New Yorker Begins Test of Native Advertising | Digiday Times have changed now that the New Yorker has begun running content on behalf of brands and there has been nary a peep. With markedly different backgrounds it is clear what’s sponsored — now to see how that works with the strength of the New Yorker brand.

Verizon, FCC Square Off on Future of Net Neutrality | The Verge Supporters of the Open Internet framework believe that net neutrality is essential to a strong internet, but telecoms like Verizon believe it’s burdensome and not needed. So far, judges’ statements imply a at a bad outcome for the FCC but a decision may not be forthcoming for months.

Why Twitter Buying MoPub Is a Very Big Deal | Medium As the world’s biggest ad exchange, MoPub hosts billions of ads, seen billions of times each day. MoPub’s recent acquisition from Twitter allows them to fundamentally change how mobile ads are purchased. Author Antonio Garcia claims that at this moment, their ability to both target and attribute those ads makes Twitter the most interesting company in advertising.

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NotCot + Ford Transit Connect find the Butler mascot’s ride and tag along for the day.


Yahoo Seeking Programmatic Upfront Ad Deals | AdAge During Advertising Week in NYC, Yahoo plans a programmatic advertising upfront — pitching Yahoo premium ad inventory for an upfront commitment of $5 million. One question agencies are asking — Is Yahoo’s technology up to date enough to handle programmatic ads?

Where Julian Assange Lies in Wait—and What He’s Planning Next | Vanity Fair Julian Assange hides out in Equador — in the London embassy for over a year, hiding from sexual assault charges in Sweden. This doesn’t seem to slow his reach — using video, to address the UN, launch a Senate campaign in Australia and been involved in the Snowden case.

Twitter: Real-Time Tweets Come to TV Commercials | Fast Company Coke Romania took advantage of a grim statistic, that six out of every 10 people eat dinner alone while watching television. Their campaign rewarded people inviting people to eat together via hashtag — with live tweet streaming and celebrity chefs.

Brands Should Stop Trying to Be Publishers | Digital Quarters Originally in AdAge, Ben Elowitz shares the risks he sees for brand publishing. Is it worth it? We certainly think so.

Real-Time Ad Network Rocket Fuel IPO Nears $1 Billion Valuation | AdExchanager RocketFuel’s recent IPO request is being evaluated and reevaluated. Currently, the IPO calls for nearly 3.5 million shares to be sold.

What Digital Agencies’ Clients, Staff, Leaders Truly Think | AdAge Jeff Swystun interviewed digital agency employees to find dissatisfaction with progress on every level. He offers three ways to improve the atmosphere for clients and employees. Demonstrate true innovation in service and delivery, update your own marketing and don’t order the foosball table — invest all you can in training and thought leadership.

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Charles and Hudson highlight everything brilliant about Energizer portable lights.


L’Oréal CMO: Digital Is Changing Our Content, Creative And Conversation | AdExchanger L’Oreal’s media team works alongside a consumer Insights team to find efficiencies “from a digital investment perspective.” Their content touches media as well as marketing.

Coca-Cola’s Anti-Obesity Campaign Aims To Get World Moving
| CMO Strategy – Advertising Age
Coca-Cola’s worldwide campaign encourages healthy movement. Says senior VP-global sparkling brand center Wendy Clark, “We have to have discreet and visible ways to demonstrate we care. …We want to put our marketing prowess and muscle behind it.”

What Happens When Everyone Uses an Ad Blocker? | HackerNews This thread from YCombinator/Hacker News looks at all our options.

It’s the DMP, Stupid | Mediapost Jon Mandese from MediaPost says about Upfronts and exchanges, “…It will be the logic of other human beings — advertisers and media buyers — using more sophisticated data to give them better intelligence, and a competitive advantage, in understanding what inventory and audiences have the most value, regardless of how sellers are pricing it.”