Signal, October 21: Ad Platforms – Everyone’s Doing It!

Apple Picking in SebastopolThis week in last week’s best links: Twitter plans ad network, the Intention Economy gets a closer look, Yahoo’s stream ads steam ahead, clients try their own hand at ad tech, Foursquare steps out, all ad traffic needs a second look, search + transaction data = privacy concerns, Yahoo’s stream having trouble attracting brand advertisers, ad tech’s successful pivots, Twitter’s expenses, demographic information from the grocery store, Google Now wants to inform your experiences, dying Mobile Apps, Google’s massive ad impressions, Foursquare ads use reviews and Jay Z’s brand preferences skew luxurious.

Twitter reportedly planning targeted ad network for apps and websites | Engadget Speculation about Twitter’s MoPub acquisition could mean that Twitter is developing its own targeted ad network based on tweet activity.

Beyond the Advertising Bubble | Customer Commons Modeling the future of revenue on the web, this article explores the benefits and pitfalls of the Intention Economy. Will we see a future where more Net-aligned market interactions win out?

Life Is But a Stream at Yahoo Now — But Will It Revive Ad Revenue? | All Things D Yahoo’s “Stream Ads” are scheduled to arrive in April. Also showing up in Yahoo Mail, this sponsored content is close to Facebook’s News Feed. Code name Moneyball, this is CEO Marissa Mayer’s big gamble to turn around Yahoo’s advertising business.

Agencies Defend Turf – Ad Tech Moves Clients | AdAge As clients open their own trading desks and data management platforms, they’re making more of their own decisions about online media buys. Unilever and Kimberly-Clark Corp. have made the leap, more may follow.

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FM publishers show how BMW’s Diesel car is clean, stylish and ready to go on a moment’s notice.

Say Yes to Hoboken headed up to Sonoma County for apple picking in a BMW Diesel.

Jill from Inhabitat’s trip to Green Point burned barely a half tank of gas.

Mike Payne from The Coolist took a week to take his BMW Diesel through the paces.


Foursquare Opens Ad Platform To 1.5 Million Merchants | Fast Company After raising $41 million in financing, Foursquare’s ad platform is its latest effort towards profitability. Equity interest from Microsoft and American Express only sweeten the deal.

The Amount of Questionable Online Traffic Will Blow Your Mind | Ad Week Is fake traffic an acceptable tradeoff for numbers? Despite efforts, many top networks must deal with questionable traffic. Says Alan Silverberg, media platforms director at Moxie Interactive, “You see it with almost any partner you work with. From AOL and Yahoo to Facebook, from pure-play partners and the network space to portals. We can’t stop it.”

Card-Linked Offers Address Local Audiences With Transaction Data Ad Exchanger With your card linked to your search data, and all transactions up for grabs, will Microsoft/Bing be sensitive enough to privacy concerns to make this a success?

Yahoo’s Native Ads Have an Image Problem | Digiday Are direct-response marketers ruining Yahoo’s attempt at in-stream advertising? Agencies say they’re working for direct-response advertisers, but the jury is still out on whether they’re perceived as right for brand advertising.

Be Ruthless: The Art of The Ad Tech Pivot | Digiday The world of ad tech changes quickly. The ability to keep a company ahead of quick market changes is part art and part science. Looking at pivots from Tacoda, Buddy Media and Turn also speak to the element of luck.

Twitter Reports Biggest Quarterly Loss Ahead of IPO | Wall Street Journal Last Tuesday, Twitter filed third quarter results, showing its biggest quarterly loss yet. Thanks to rising expenses due to capital expansion, Twitter posted a $64.6 million loss.

This snack-food corporation has a creepy plan to watch you in the grocery store | Washington Post  Hooking a Kinect controller to a snack shelf in the grocery store will aggregate facial recognition and demographic data from throusands of transactions. The shelf will also let the company know if the item was picked up for consideration.

Google Now: The Tip of A Very Long Spear | Battelle Media Google Now is planning to become the real time interface to life. As it moves out of search and into experience, Google Now is poised to shine its data onto every corner our lives.

Why The Mobile App Will Die | Ad Exchanger Andrei Dunca, co-founder and chief technology officer at LiveRail argues that browser strength may beat out the current mobile vertical when it comes to mobile advertising.

Just Look At How Google Dominates Ad Tech | Ad Age Google, which served 300 billion ad impressions in September, is the biggest player in ad tech. The search company and DoubleClick owner is ahead of its nearest competitor OpenX by over 200 billion monthly ad impressions.

What Are the Most Mentioned Brands in Jay Z’s Songs? A Chart | Vanity Fair In his music, Jay Z’s most mentioned brand is Mercedes Benz. Lexus, Maybach, BMW and Bentley also get mentioned. As well, Gucci, Versace and Tom Ford make appearances.