Signal, October 14: You Own Your Own Data, Sorta.

The past week saw a continued obsession with consumer data in the press, but the stories have shifted: increasingly the role of the consumer is seen as paramount. To the best links of the past week:

It’s ‘Take And Give’ For Marketing In Today’s Digital World | With so much data available from today’s consumers, it’s up to the data collectors to regulate. The grey area can’t continue. “Now is the time [for companies] to formulate the right strategy,” Scott Schlesinger, CapGemini senior vice president and head of business information management said.

Bobby Flay Goes Bonkers on Twitter For Yogurt Brand | Digiday Hoping for a scheduling mix up, Bobby Flay’s recent spate of #FageYogurt tweets failed to include the required FTC disclosure. Oops.

Walmart’s Social Is Getting 10X ROI And Tens of Thousands of Daily Interactions | AdWeek Walmart’s 31 million Facebook fans and 386,000 Twitter followers are delivering a huge ROI for the brand giant. Marketing chief Stephen Quinn claims a half-million monthly pieces of user-generated content.

Microsoft offers differing takes on use of Kinect data for marketing | Ars Technica Microsoft is a big place, big enough for two senior execs to not quite be on the same page about how Xbox data might be used for marketing purposes. I imagine by now that same page has been found.

Why Facebook and Twitter are fighting over your television | The Atlantic Twitter’s recent launching of Amplify, its purchase of Bluefin Labs and MoPub will help its targeting efforts. Facebook is also looking to get some of that television money. TV advertisers don’t just belong on television screen; they belong on every screen.

Behind Amazon’s Pitch To Advertisers | AdExchanger Amazon’s brand advertising holds data insights that brands would love to see. They could show attributable value to the media they run.

Let’s Use Data Not Just to Target Ads, but to Make Ads Better | AdAge We have a wealth of data, a ton of creativity and the distribution to take these elements farther. So how can we incorporate that data in a way that merges both art and science?

Report: Twitter Bests Facebook in Real-Time TV | Marketwatch Facebook’s scale vs. Twitter’s engagement continue to compete for television dollars. Is Twitter where users talk about their TV experiences in the moment, or is Facebook?

Are Operations Like Flipboard Scams Against Publishers? | Talking Points Memo Flipboard and Google Currents aggregate posts to package for ads on their terms. Is that a win for publishers, or just the aggregators?

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Pinterest Unveils ‘Promoted Pins’ Ads, Mobile Deal | Silicon Beat Pinterest is in the process of rolling out Promoted Pins — they also went international, with a deal for a widget on Android phones sold through Spanish mobile giant Telefonica.

Facebook No Longer Lets Users Hide from Search GigaOm As announced last year, Facebook users can no longer hide their profile from search — this is in an attempt to make finding friends easier.

Dstillery (Formerly ‘Media6degrees’) Closing In On Profitability | AdExchanger Media6 changed its name to Dstillery after acquiring mobile data firm EveryScreen Media — broadening its analysis of consumer browsing beyond cookies with location-based data.

Technorati’s Jalichandra Named isocket CEO, Plans Greater Push On ‘Programmatic Direct’ | AdExchanger Digital sales platform isocket named Richard Jalichandra as CEO. Said Jalichandra, “…How do we make it easier for advertisers who are already buying programmatically for RTB to expand their view and purchase more guaranteed, premium inventory through automated channels.”

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