Signal November 25: The Best Sites, And All Hail Adtech and the Lowly Banner Ad

Image by Ralph Aichinger via Creative Commons
Image by Ralph Aichinger via Creative Commons

This week we are grateful for last week’s best links. Note: There will not be a Signal next week, due to the Thanksgiving break. 

DailyTekk gives us the first list of 2014, traditional publishing v programmatic, facebook privacy (again), the corporate site is dead – sort of, a content marketing overview, Gurley’s Law and Snapchat, MediaMath grows, sponsored content grows faster than expected, tech’s culture and Twitter serves TV audiences.

The 100 Best, Most Interesting Blogs and Websites of 2014 | DailyTekk A great list of the sites to look out for for next year.

We’re proud of our publishers:

Traditional Publishers Are Struggling as Buying Goes Automated | Adweek With 85% of advertisers buying programmatic ads, traditional publishers struggle with dependence on a premium sales model.

Why The Banner Ad Is Heroic, and Adtech Is Our Greatest Artifact | Searchblog Meanwhile, Battelle writes a tribute to adtech and the lowly banner ad, and it kinda goes viral.

Facebook Reasserts Posts Can Be Used for Ads | NYTimes Last Friday, Facebook moved ahead with official privacy policy changes. “By having an account on the service, its 1.2 billion global users are allowing the company to use their postings and other personal data for advertising.”

The corporate Web site is dead, long live the new corporate Web site | Geekwire
As content marketing becomes necessity, Geekwire asks, “Will the future of all corporate Web sites rely on a publishing model that looks more like The New York Times, USA Today, Huffington Post or the entire TechMeme leaderboard — compared to a traditional corporate Web site?”

Samsung defies critics, ships 800,000 Galaxy Gear smartwatches in two months | The Verge Despite initially critical reviews, Samsung has shipped 800,000 smartwatches to retailers. Behind the large shipments, we’ll find luxury marketing and celebrity endorsements.

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FM publisher, A House in the Hills features American Express Small Business owner, Helene Cornell remaking “canned ham trailers.”


The State of Content Marketing | Blog @ Percolate Originally presented at the Percolate Customer Summit, this overview of content marketing’s ecosystem relates to all digital marketers.

Snapchat plans an API and experimental monetization with ads, emoticons, stickers, and virtual gifts | Business Insider If ‘Gurley’s Law’ plays out, Snapchat reaches $120 million of profit, advertising and virtual goods, experts say Snapchat has an opportunity to be worth its three billion dollar valuation.

MediaMath, Once A DSP, Sees Clients Are Responding More To ‘Marketing OS’ | AdExchanger Recently, MediaMath has grown its staff to 306 and introduced the role of Chief Commercial Officer as it evolves from being a demand-side platform to an end-to-end enterprise solution.

Sponsored-Content Spending Growing Faster Than Predicted | AdAge Thanks to publishers’ attempts to create more bespoke advertising products for brands in an effort to raise ad rates, content marketing spending is growing faster than expected.

The Culture of Technology | Medium Changes to our culture that come from technology aren’t uniformly good or bad, they are simply changes. Lee Schneider examines the need to feel connected through technology.

Twitter Adds Product for Advertisers to Target TV Conversations | Bloomberg Adding a tool that lets advertisers target tv show viewers, Twitter looks to take advantage of the ways people use it. A Nielsen study in August found that Twitter can boost TV ratings when users share their immediate reactions to a show.