Signal March 4: New Leadership at FMP, Facebook (and all of Display) In Question, and The Data That Is Big




We’re back, with the new weekly Signal Format. A bit of a hiatus as we got our CEO transition on. With that and more behind us, we’re ready to get back into a cadence of delivering you the good stuff each week. To the links:

On Coming Back to FMP (Battellemedia) In which the Chairman becomes the CEO and Chairman, again.

In Atlas Deal, Facebook Gets Serious About Measuring Ads (AdAge) There’s going to be a lot of Facebook in this edition of Signal, starting with the news that Facebook bought Atlas “just to measure things.” OK, sure. I’m buying that.

My First Message From the Future: How Facebook Died (The Interactivist) This post is hard to read until halfway through. Then it just kind of makes sense. Worth your investment.

Facebook Ads Based on Browsing Challenge Google (Bloomberg) Do you understand Facebook Exchange? No? Then read this.


35 CEOS, CMOs, VCs, and media leaders in two days of unscripted conversation. Come to the CM Summit to join the conversation about “Bridging Data and Humanity.” New York City, May 21-22. The only conference this year curated by your faithful correspondent.


IAB ALM: Forget ‘Big,’ We Just Want Data We Can Use (AdEx) A round up from the meeting I was at early in the week. A very useful meeting, I must say. I also was at TED. I like TED. But I’d chose IAB over TED if the only metric was “help me do my job better.”

The Banner Industrial Complex Under Threat (DDay) I really think DigiDay is leading the pack lately in writing stuff I want to read. If you care about the guts of the display business, as I do, read this (and Digiday).

Beyond Display Advertising (Folio) Leave it to a magazine publishing trade magazine to give us a really thoughtful, longform piece about our industry. Read this.