Signal June 15: Content Is King, Again, and Again, and…

Esquire Pay for Content

In this week’s signal: Forbes evaluates the balance between content development and distribution, we consider an innovative model for paid content, Twitter user stream ads become mainstream, VentureBeat releases its top 10 mobile advertiser list, Adobe recommends a fast + slow mix of marketing methodologies, Fred Wilson and friends get the interview treatment at an OpenCo happy hour panel, the IAB shares a global perspective on mobile ad revenue, Nordstrom really integrates Pinterest into their retail experience, FAIRVIEW, the NSA’s PRISM, delivers information on a global scale, Digiday shares examples of the Buzzfeed backlash and AllthingsD releases Microsoft’s latest reorganization letter from Steve Ballmer. Now on to the links!


Buzzfeed, Digiday and Ketchum talk through the role of editorial content, advertorial content and distribution in an extended audio link that thoroughly discusses the ins and outs of distribution and content.


Thinking about Esquire’s attempt at pay-per-content, we take a look at new models. Maybe quality content could start high, and incentivize downloads with a lower cost.


Twitter’s advertising is similar to Facebook’s efforts. Naturally happening social activity and in-stream ads represent a new consensus in social media advertising. Everyone’s looking at the user stream as the ideal spot for ads.


VentureBeat’s Mobile Advertising Index report is the first in the tech sector. This list analyzes both the products and the user experience — this top 10 list was created to help developers, brands, and marketers make–what we hope are–more informed buying decisions.


Karl Isaac, director of brand strategy at Adobe, says brands need to intertwine both fast-twitch and slow-twitch methodologies if they want to thrive. To create value instead of protecting value, you need to embody the three O’s – are you open-minded, optimistic and opportunistic?


This fun 18 minute interview with Fred Wilson by Dave Morgan of Simulmedia covers everything from OpenCo to the future of the Web.


The IAB shares their world-wide mobile advertising revenue report with Asia-Pacific in the top spot. North America takes second and Western Europe comes in third.


On the shelves, on the site and in stores, Nordstrom is integrating Pinterest in a bold way.


BLARNEY and FAIRVIEW are international versions of PRISM. What does this mean for us when the government is tracking information before it even makes it to the internet?


Were you offended by Buzzfeed’s interpretation of the Egyptian uprising through animated GIFs? After media criticisms of sponsored content, an erroneous takedown of The Oatmeal, and way too many lists, are we too eager to take down this media company?


MIcrosoft announces a major reorganization — and the reasons are many. The note from Steve Ballmer looks to a Microsoft future with stronger centralized services, new priority focus and better execution and innovation.


This IKEA content series harnesses both the power of the independent web and Pinterest’s powerful ecosystem for content and distribution.
FM publisher SFGirlByBay beautifully redesigned her tiny kitchen using IKEA shelving and storage.
Handmade Charlotte loves IKEA’s drilling template — and shares a mini-kitchen shopping list.
The custom pin boards that both SFGirlByBay and Handmade Charlotte developed take the inspiration for their implementation even farther.