Signal: July 9: A Cookie Clearinghouse?!

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In this week’s (late!) Signal:
Mobile stats get a second look, insights from the great Publicis Groupe communicator, Jack Klues, a bold petroleum stance from Toyota, Facebook’s news feed evolves for better or worse, LinkedIn follows Facebook-style sponsored updates, Twitter opens up to third party data (and more advertising), the EFF gives Twitter props for their method,  Atheer advances the wearable devices category, platforms, portals and independents battle for greatness, Digiday shares 3 examples of advertising content done right, the Cookie Clearinghouse opens up cookie management for the rest of us, and yet, some wonder, Cookie Clearinghouse or kangaroo court?

Dubious Mobile Stats Unpacked
Are 36% of tweets really worth reading? Digiday takes a closer look at the statistics agencies consider gospel, and found some surprises.

8 Management Lessons from a Great Boss
Rishad shares insights learned from his boss and mentor, Jack Klues. “You always respected Jack but you never feared Jack.”

A Truly Remarkable New Commercial By Toyota
Toyota takes a powerful stance on petroleum, in a strategy new to the auto industry.

The demise of the News Feed: Facebook, where did you go?
Will Facebook continue growing? It depends on if it can balance ad revenue and the quality of its user experience.

LinkedIn Ramps Up Content In Pursuit of Ad Dollars | Digital – Advertising Age
LinkedIn is pitching brands as a content-marketing platform, using its influencers to provide “sponsored updates,” the LinkedIn version of native ads.

Twitter To Allow Advertisers to Target Browsing History, Email Addresses
Twitter is now allowing advertisers to target users based on off-Twitter behavior, like web browsing and email address.

Twitter Shows The Way Forward With Do Not Track
The EFF commends Twitter for making the way forward as simple as possible for its users and for respecting the Do Not Track browser setting.

Why Google Glass Is Just the Beginning
Atheer Labs is developing software to run the next generation of wearable devices — redefining video conference calls, map navigation, or 3-D game play.

Where Are the Great New Media Empires?
At this point in digital medias evolution, we haven’t seen a new company on par with Disney, or Murdoch, why? Asking the question: When (and if) the next great media empire finally arrives, what will it look like?

Rethinking Native Advertising | Digiday
The challenge isn’t content or audience, the challenge facing the current forms of advertising has to do with the multitude of screen sizes as well as the changing ways visitors interact with content.

Advertising Content Done Right | Digiday
Digiday highlights advertising content that works.

Cookie Clearinghouse Director: ‘Surveillance Sales’ Will Have To Go
Cookie management goes big with the Cookie Clearinghouse. IAB + Mozilla are joining forces to determine which sites can set cookies for tracking user behavior and which aren’t allowed.

IAB Vs Mozilla: Randall Rothenberg Takes The Gloves Off
…And a strong differing opinion on the Cookie Clearinghouse, “The idea of a browser maker, any browser maker, deciding what content does and does not get through is exactly analogous to a television set manufacturer deciding what programs do or do not get through to your home.”


Summer Up with Target and FM
FM’s publishers have created tremendous work as a part of the Target Summer Up program. Performing spectacularly across all social channels, especially Pinterest, this campaign is the perfect combination of enthusiasm and thematic alignment.

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