Signal July 29: Everbody’s Going Native

PR vs. Advertising, Round Eleventeen

Two ad giants tie the knot; Facebook beats by a long shot; Google goes native with Gmail; publishers are getting desparate; AOL + Publicis, TLA?; NSA needs a big, big data strategy; PR vs. Ad Agencies, again; [rogrammatic and premium for a balanced strategy; Flipboard charts its course; Facebook ticks off developers; AOL’s Upfront; LinkedIn updates its ad strategy; AdTech is going to be just fine; and funnels take a turn for the loops.

Enjoy last week’s best links:

Publicis to Merge with Omnicom – Bloomberg This breaking news is too big to really grok yet, but it promises to reshape the advertising industry

How Facebook Mastered Mobile Ads (and Publishers Can Too) - AdAge Facebook surprises Wall St. – in a good way.

Google starts placing ads directly in Gmail inboxes - CNet Google’s new ads now show up in the new “promotions” tab. They are labeled “ad,”and have a yellow background — just like Google’s top/right search ads.

Is This the Worst Page on the Internet? – Digiday When revenue models rely on parallel page that provide no user benefit, you get the ad-heavy, content-lite version made just for distribution through Outbrain, a top provider of paid content distribution links.

Industry Reacts to AOL, Publicis Groupe’s Programmatic Partnership – AdExchanger AOL announces a strategic partnership with Publicis Group, an ad-holding company. Most agencies respond with a “wait and see” approach.

Is the NSA Blinded by Big Data? - Zeynep Tufekci This engrossing long-read on Medium scratches the surface of a bigger problem. When government has a data deluge, it will need to employ a different strategy. At which point does the strategy cross over from pattern recognition to stereotyping? This thought-inducing piece from Zeynep Tufekci looks at PRISM’s effect — what happens when we move resources from individual investigations to pattern recognition?

“At three hops, you have a dragnet. If we stick to our base number and calculate 300*300*300, we are looking at 27 million people. This is no longer a community, it’s a good chunk of a nation.”

Inside Forbes: It’s Fight Night. PR Firms Take On Ad Agencies Over Native Advertising – Forbes Both PR and Ad Agencies can serve audiences in different ways — as long as they’re transparent and clear about who’s paying for what. This gives journalism hope for a new revenue stream to continue to serve the public the best way it knows how.

Programmatic or Premium? You Should Be Using Both – AdAge It’s not a question of if you should be choosing between programmatic or premium ad purchasing, it’s about how you balance your approach. Figure out what parts of your business could benefit from both a programmatic perspective — including CPM, audience and scale and then how premium can balance that approach, with high quality content.

Is Flipboard a partner or a competitor for publishers and content creators? Yes – GigaOm Now that Flipboard has a web and an app version, we can see how far it’s evolved into a potential content competitor.

Move fast, break things: The sad story of Platform, Facebook’s gigantic missed opportunity – PandoDaily Facebook could have been much more — and much of that is owed to the company’s difficult relationship with developers.  Since it’s founding, Facebook has behaved in an unstable way for developers, wearing down their faith that Facebook platform is any way to build business.

AOL Plans TV-Style Fall ‘Programmatic Upfront’ – AllThingsD AOL is hosting a “Programmatic UpFront” this September, modeled after the Upfronts from TV networks.

As Earned And Paid Media Mix, LinkedIn Offers Self-Serve Native Ad Units | AdExchanger LinkedIn recently released its “Sponsored Updates” feature. This means marketers with all kinds of budgets can serve themselves — while balancing their efforts around programmatic, native advertising and content marketing.

Ad Tech Is Just Fine – Digiday Ad tech creates value now and ad tech will create more value in the future. It’s going to do this for all of media’s main players including marketers, agencies and publishers.

The Funnel is Dead, Long Live the Loop? – Digiday From pre-shopping to consideration to purchase to post-purchase, today’s consumer path to buying is more like a circle than a funnel. This model has shoppers always discovering, considering and buying through every channel.