Signal July 22: Apple Misses the Point, Yahoo’s Leash Shortens

appleprayApple may be losing its touch; Google + is good for you; Ad Tech companies need to get open and collaborate; native advertising’s future is bright; Do Not Track recommendations have been rejected; Google’s Product Listing Ads target Amazon; Captain Morgan runs location-based Foursquare ads; Edelman suggests guidelines for sponsored content; more examples of content marketing driving sales; the shift to digital dollars continues, and more. To the links:

In 20 Years, We’re All Going To Realize This Apple Ad Is Nuts | FastCo 

To the point: Apple is forgetting where the focus is – it’s not on their products, it’s on us. Remember?

Transitioning To a Mobile Centric World | Bill Gurley

Read this whole thing. I don’t agree with it all (I think the basic values of the interconnected web will return), but I can’t argue with the premise.   

Yahoo In Transition: Q2 Display Continues To Decline Due To Non-Guaranteed, Pricing  | AdEx 

Yahoo! has a tough road ahead, despite CEO Mayer’s ongoing revamping. Teh secular trends aren’t good, new products are needed, quick.

Google Reports Q2 2013 Results: Enhanced Campaigns Gets Scrutiny  | AdEx Google’s earnings were viewed as mixed by analysts. But this roundup gives far more detail about the company’s plans. Worth reading if you watch Google closely, or wish to. 

Google+ Turns Two: You Can’t Ignore It for Another Minute | AdAge

Think you’re beyond Google +? You might want to reconsider that strategy. Google + is the second largest social network (after Facebook) and gaining. Allowing on-air hangouts, specificity of sharing in your circles and both public and private communities, Google + is starting to demand a content strategy specific to the platform.

Time To Cut The Ad Tech Tax | Digiday

Ad tech needs to direct innovation away from super-specialization and into an open ecosystem. The industry needs to have more cooperation and less competition — where the onus isn’t on the buyer to make things happen.

5 reasons why native advertising has a bright future | VentureBeat

Bold predictions from Satish Polisetti from AdsNative include speed to creating native ad spots, ad marketplaces and smarter integration bringing native ads into a larger ecosystem. But the point comes down to this quote, “Simply put, if you want to really engage consumers, you’ve got to run a content-driven campaign and you’ve got to get that content to a large audience precisely when and where they want them the most.”

Newsflash: AdTech Is Not A Zero-Sum Game | Digiday

More opportunity for mobile advertising allows for greater innovation and competition in the ad tech space.


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Do Not Track standards group shoots down advertiser proposal | CNet

The leaders of the Tracking Protection Working Group rejected a proposal from DAA specifically asking for a narrower definition of both what it means to track users and what it means to collect, retain, use, and share data as well as asking for a separate DAA opt-out mechanism if users didn’t want targeted advertising and behavioral tracking.

Google Product Listing Ads Revenue | Business Insider

There’s been a lot of interest in Google’s new “Product Listing Ads” (PLAs). These ads compete with Amazon and push their search results lower down Google’s listing. PLAs are different from Google’s text ads — they’re the product photos with prices and links on the top part of results pages.

Michael Tiffany, White Ops, Talks Advertising Cybercrime @ IAB Ad Tech Marketplace 2013 | YouTube

From traffic launderers to the most sophisticated strategies, Michael Tiffany, CEO of WhiteOps talks about the huge variety of fraud that that the company has dealt with — at this year’s the IAB Advertising Technology Marketplace.

Captain Morgan Starts Targeting Ads At Foursquare Check-Ins (John McDermott/AdAge) | AdAge

Foursquare has rolled out post check-in ads which are ads served to users immediately after they check in at certain locations. Captain Morgan is one of the first brands on board. Post-check-in ads are part of Foursquare’s bigger effort to use location data for more targeted ad units both within Foursquare and in other platforms.

Sponsored Content: An Ethical Framework | Edelman

Looking at the contribution PR firms can make to the digital marketplace, Edelman presents their take ethics in sponsored content.  Edelman states that PR firms should use paid content to accelerate or amplify earned or owned content, while media’s role stands alone. Edelman presents their recommended three essential qualities for sponsored content: Disclosure, Quality and Process.

Content Marketing Can Drive Sales | Digiday

Mauria Finley from Citrus Lane looks at how how can retailers can get commerce + content right. When using content marketing, Finley says, “…E-commerce companies must create a blend of posts, videos and articles that showcase products but don’t overtly push them. That’s a delicate balance to strike.”

Rocket Fuel Agency Survey Finds Buyers Shifting Dollars From TV To Online | AdExchanger

A Rocket Fuel survey of 149 “ad agency executives” found that 42% of executives plan to shift a part of their budgets from TV to online video this year. Most interesting, only seventeen percent of advertisers told Rocket Fuel that they felt TV advertising was just as effective as it was 10 years ago.
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