Signal, January 13: Well, At Least We Live In Interesting Times

Image from Christoph Niemann - thanks to WiredThis week in last week’s best links: NSA v. Internet [again],Twitter’s ad risk assessed, Yahoo! steps up ad offerings, NYT goes native, the sad executives at CES, shady redirects to the Apple store, Target breach worse, eyeball circuitry, Pandora in cars, Silicon Valley as Entourage, Publicis + Spotify and LinkedIn = True Love for Now, news sites hosting content marketing as “native marketing” continues to inspire dollars, mega-ad deals at CES, Twitter Nearby,

How the NSA Almost Killed the Internet | Wired Passing the blame from government to whistle-blower to tech company to host, this well-researched long-read from Wired, finds everyone guilty. The current state of surveillance finds tech companies with the following pickle, “While Silicon Valley must be transparent in many regards, spy agencies operate under a cloak of obfuscation.”Yahoo’s mobile mystery.

Twitter ‘Riskier’ for Ads Compared to Facebook | MarketWatch The year wasn’t even a week old, and the decision is still up in the air about whose ad platform is the riskiest. Industry sentiment is already pointing toward the dominance of Facebook Inc. and Google Inc. and away from the just-gone-public Twitter Inc.

Yahoo Advertising revamped to unify web, mobile, and video ad products | Yahoo Including a suite of web, mobile, and video ad products accessible through a purchasing platform, Yahoo’s rolling out everything advertising. This includes Tumblr posts, Yahoo ads, and their ad exchange.

The New York Times Embraces ‘Organic’ Ad Strategy | Digiday The NYT redesigns with an eye toward content marketing in the editorial well. What does that mean for consumers? Says Meredith Levien, EVP of advertising, “Premium [ad] growth is going to come from native, organic and custom.”

The Super Sad Executives Of CES | Buzzfeed A hilarious look at the sighs and mehs of this week’s CES presentations, Buzzfeed shows what this week has been all about.

The Shady Practice of Mobile App Install Ads | Digiday Redirects to Apple’s app store from Google ads show how obfuscated mobile advertising can bevome. “The ad was remnant inventory which is controlled by Google. We resolved the issue when we learned of the item,” NBC said in a statement. “Google said redirecting users from a mobile website to an app download page without the user’s consent is a violation of its policy.”

Target Data Breach Much Worse Than First Thought | Friday morning, Target announced that up to 70 million of its customers had personal info stolen during the holiday buying season. Not only that, the security breach could affect anyone who has ever shopped at a Target.

This Clear, Flexible Electronic Circuit Can Fit on the Surface of a Contact Lens | Smithsonian Mag Swiss scientists have demonstrated a flexible, transparent circuit — tiny and thin enough to fit on a contact lens. This is huge for monitoring intraocular pressure for glaucoma sufferers or any kind of biological context.

Pandora’s CES reveal: Ads for cars, radio’s wheelhouse | CNET At the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show, Pandora said it will launch audio ads specific to the cars that feature Pandora — which includes 130 car models with native Pandora integration.

HBO’s ‘Silicon Valley’ Aims to Be New ‘Entourage’ | Hollywood Reporter
The Office’s Mike Judge will produce an upcoming HBO comedy set in Silicon Valley, where “the people who are the most qualified to succeed are the least capable of handling success.” Starting April 6, producer Berg said, “…Anyone who takes themselves too seriously and is full of themselves is ripe for a kicking.”

Publicis Moving Ad Money to Spotify, LinkedIn | CNBC Maurice Levy, CEO of Publicis talks about moving money to digital “We are moving money to Spotify,” adding that his brands are also increasingly working with LinkedIn. Nearly 40 percent of Publicis’ revenue comes from digital.

Report: Native Advertising Set to Dominate Digital | Mediapost J.P. Morgan predicts that native advertising will take over digital in 2014. Lead analyst Doug Anmuth says, “We believe native ads are quickly becoming the de facto ad format on mobile and increasingly moving into desktop.” There are strategists urging restraint. Steve Rubel, EVP of global strategy and insights at Edelman said, “As an industry, we’re going way too fast.”

The real action at CES: Quietly closing the mega-ad deals that keep the consumer Web running | PandoDaily On Battelle Media, I talk about the 4 phases of CES. Pando suggests a fifth wave. “The real reason that so many Valley and New York tech CEOs whose companies have absolutely nothing to do with electronics are increasingly coming here every year religiously: They are sitting in Strip hotels closing big honking six and seven-figure ad deals.”

Twitter Inches Closer to the Local Ad Market | Digiday Making Twitter slightly more like Foursquare, Twitter seems to be parlaying its ambitions as an ad platform to local advertising.

Agencies React To Yahoo Ad Products; Mobile Advertising Remains A Mystery | AdExchanger Sharing the spotlight with consumer-facing products, Marissa Mayer rolled out Yahoo’s new ad products at this week’s CES. Although some ad execs were optimistic, their mobile strategy remained unclear.