Signal, February 3: FM news!

This week in last week’s best links, we sell off the content marketing arm of Federated Media, sovrn launches, a post-cookie world, IAB’s new fraud guidelines, Facebook works it for advertisers, Superbowl 2014 justifies its costs, digital media gains, another Yahoo exec leaves, ad rates impacted by digital, Mayer under pressure and a new look at content marketing.

Facebook operating chief Sheryl Sandberg. Getty Images

A BIG DAY FOR FEDERATED, AND THE BIRTH OF SOVRN HOLDINGS | Battelle Media LIN Media acquired all of Federated Media’s brand and content marketing business. Sovrn Holdings, Inc. will build on FM’s programmatic publisher platform — based on FM’s 2011 acquisition of Lijit Networks.

Federated Media Goes Full Programmatic And Declares Itself ‘Sovrn’ – Real-Time With New CEO Knapp | Mediapost Last Tuesday, Federated Media sold its content marketing arm to LIN Media and rebranded its programmatic business to sovrn Holdings, Inc.

How You Might Be Tracked for Ads in a Post-Cookie World | WSJ The industry is looking to device identifiers to solve for many of the problems for marketers dependent on cookie-tracking. Cookies can’t follow people across browsers — they lose track of people who clean them out.

IAB Locks in Traffic Fraud Guidelines | AdWeek Suggesting several guidelines, the IAB also suggests:
- Buyers shouldn’t leave campaign objectives “broad and open to interpretation.”
- Buyers should, “Be willing to pay the real price for the media [they] want.”
- Buyers should not pay anybody suspected of fraud.

Facebook Uses Data to Charm Advertisers | WSJ Google works when people search for things they already want to buy and then see ads for relevant products. Facebook works to educate consumers about products they might want to buy in the future. They’re using that edge to account for 6% of the $117.6 billion global ad market last year — compared with Google’s 31.5%.

Super Bowl 2014: Advertisers lose yardage Although Super Bowl advertisement costs are up to a high of $4 million per 30 seconds, marketers are finding it tough to justify that investment.

Nielsen: Internet Ads Up as Old Media Takes a Hit | CNBC Nielsen says that last year, internet ads saw the quickest growth between advertising platforms last year.

Yahoo Former Revenue Chief Joins Millennial Media | Business Insider Michael Barrett, Yahoo’s former chief revenue officer, joined mobile ad company Millennial Media as its new CEO. “Some time ago, I expressed my desire to the board to transition out of the company, and return to working with early stage entrepreneurs”

Twitter: We Will Impact TV Ad Rates at Upfronts | Hollywood Reporter The way TV viewers engage with their second screen is ready to change the rates of TV ads — just watch the cable and network adsales upfronts this spring.

Vox Media doesn’t just have to reinvent the news — it has to reinvent advertising too | GigaOM Vox Media, launching Project X, helmed by Ezra Klein, says it wants to reinvent the news by “providing more context and background for news stories.” Vox is also going to have to take a closer look at the advertising—dependent revenue model.

What’s Content Marketing Again? | Recode Asking, “What is content marketing again, and why is it a thing people are fighting over?” might find the idea that content marketing offers a big opportunity at the next phase of marketing technology.

Yahoo Results May Further Pressure CEO Mayer | Marketwatch Marissa Meyer’s mixed fourth-quarter results makes its advertising business — especially display advertising — all the more crucial.

Flexible Content for Brands > Content marketing strategy in the current digital landscape Medium “When executed well, brand marketing can deliver new levels of entertainment or information that rise far beyond the bar of simply not being rejected — they, in fact, make the consumer experience better.”