Signal, August 26: Thanks to PRISM, We’re Changing Our Attitudes, and Adios, Sr. Ballmer

171545093-580This week in last week’s best links:
NSA revelations change behavior; fraud is an AOL issue; Rocket Fuel’s IPO changes the game; Pay per gaze becomes the newest metric; we sell to the quantified, big data self; P&G buys a lot of digital; Instagram’s value is clear; location, location, location, Unbound ties it all together, Prism unmoors our bearings, the Super Bowl is almost sold out, Steve Ballmer’s legacy is clear and bots make short term wins more complicated for everyone.

People Are Changing Their Internet Habits Now That They Know The NSA Is Watching | Fast Company Annalect, a digital data firm, has discovered that the increased discussion about online privacy has had a significant impact on behavior. In June, after the Snowden news was published, a Washington Post-Pew Research Center Poll found 56% of Americans found NSA monitoring fine. However, between June and July, consumer concern about online privacy jumped from 48% to 57%.

AOL’s Has a Major Problem With Suspect Inventory, Say Buyers, Researchers | AdWeek Online ad exchange and recent AOL acquisition, has been considered full of suspect ad inventory. Whether it’s from other countries, below the fold autoplay ads, in-banner video ads or hidden ads, is also accused of generating ad impressions from bots.

Big-data ad platform Rocket Fuel plans $100M IPO | Venturebeat Thanks to swift revenue growth (154 percent year-over-year), data giant Rocketfuel is planning a $100 million IPO, according to documents filed with the SEC.

The Future of Advertising: ‘Pay-Per-Gaze’ Is Just the Beginning | Mashable A patent for a “gaze tracking technique” content could charge advertisers for the number of times someone looked at their ad.

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This Brand Ambassador post from College Fashionista shows the many facets of  Macy’s mstylelab


Marketing to the Quantified Self | AdExchanger FitBits, Nike and RunKeeper are only a drop in the bucket. In our new world of consumer first-party data, the data walks a line between usefulness and creepiness.

The Battle for the Marketing Cloud | Pandodaily The biggest chunk of the marketing spend can be found in some pretty surprising places. Digital media, display ads and PR effort are reaping the benefits.

Procter & Gamble Spends 35% Of Marketing Dollars On Digital | Advertising Age Procter and Gamble spends a big chunk of their marketing dollars in paid media — that big bet seems to be paying off. Outside estimates put digital spending from P&G at 3.8% to 5.6% of its U.S. sales.

Instagram Likes Worth More than Stolen Credit Cards | PCPro Hackers have created a virus usually used to steal credit card data — instead to create fake Instagram “likes” that can be used to generate buzz for a company or individual. It’s worth more than you think it is.

A Brief History Of Time And Space (And Floors And Ceilings Too) | MediaPost How much does data processing speed have to do with financial success? When it comes to Rocket Fuel, everything.

Architects Of IPG’s Trading Desk Create Programmatic Consulting Firm | AdExchanger Joint venture Unbound serves as a systems integrator for brands and publishers to help them make decisions about programmatic ad technologies.

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Kia owner Sweeties Freebies most loves Comfort:


Through a PRISM darkly: Fear of NSA surveillance is having a chilling effect on the open web | GigaOm Legal site Groklaw is the most recent casualty of the NSA’s surveillance program — how much internet will we lose due to the government surveillance?

Fox Says Super Bowl Ads 85 Percent Sold Out | USA Today With months to go, it appears that Super Bowl ad slots are already 85% sold out — estimates say they’ll be 90% gone by the beginning of the NFL season.

A Lack of Vision | The New Yorker Steve Ballmer changed Microsoft’s mission and strategy “to help people and businesses throughout the world realize their full potential.” What legacy does he leave behind?

Bots Win! Nonhuman Ad Impressions Still Selling Like Hotcakes | AdExchanger Botnets entered our space 6 months ago — thanks to firms that specialize in sniffing out nonhuman traffic. Does it matter? Or will Q4 performance reports supersede the truth?

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