Signal August 19: How Brands + Open Data = Win

In this week’s best of last week’s links, brands with open data policies will win; new local ads; a primer on attribution; publishers and data; finally a job for Ned Brody; China is BIG; LinkedIn Vs. the Journal; more bad industry practice around fraud and pageviews; and more. To the links:

Thoughts on Ford’s OpenXC: In The Future, Brands With Open Data Will Win | Searchblog hThe topic of brands and data is hot. But this piece argues that brands with open approaches will win – and has a great example to show why.

Google, Foursquare And Twitter’s New Attack On Geo-Targeted Ads | AdExchanger Google, Foursquare and Twitter are rolling out new ad units leveraging location data. Foursquare’s “experiential” means that their ads are targeted based on your check-ins. Google’s ads are search-driven. Geo-targeting’s winner will be the company that can leverage the most accurate data.

Multi-Channel Attribution Modeling: The Good, Bad and Ugly Models | Avinash takes on how to find the value in your multi-channel attribution across digital channels — walking us through three different models for effective vendor evaluation.

Google Is Helping Facebook Steal Ad Revenue From Yahoo and The New York Times | Business Insider If Gmail’s email promotions tab reduces email’s effectiveness — the UBS Investment Research team believes that marketing budgets are bound for Facebook. UBS has confirmed with agencies that clients want auto-play video ad placements on Facebook, saying, “Some of our early checks have indicated that Facebook might be able to generate approx. $2-4mm per day from video ad products (in North America alone) in 2014.”

LinkedIn Becoming a Rival to Wall Street Journal | LinkedIn LinkedIn has gone from social network to publishing brand with its Influencer program — providing compelling content — in a few short months. Now that its offering ads, where is it headed next?

The NSA Is Commandeering the Internet | The Atlantic This piece from The Atlantic outlines how technology companies can fight back from NSA data intrusion for a competitive advantage.
“..what’s going to save you in the eyes of those users is whether or not you fought. Fighting will cost you money in the short term, but capitulating will cost you more in the long term.”

Web Ads Gone Wild | Digiday As the value of ads drops, publishers, like the site Crazy Days and Nights, are pasting as many impressions as they can over their sites with no fewer than 21 individual IAB ad impressions.

Data Driven Thinking, the Publishers’ Dilemma AdExchanger Even though falling CPMs and more supply feels like the prisoner’s dilemma, by communicating, differentiating and finding buyers’ pressure points, you can embrace the possibilities.

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Energizer Portable Lights: Brand Ambassador Series

From Hither and Thither, What to Pack when Renting a Lake Cabin

From Whoorl, A Super Sleuth’s Guide to Late Night Reading

From Dot Coms for Moms, A Glow-In-The-Dark Cocktail Table


YouTube Hijacked by Notorious Adware Company | Adweek Sambreel, an ad fraud perpetrator has targeted YouTube after last year’s hits on Facebook and the New York Times. Thanks to its activities, it was kicked out of various ad exchanges. This time, using the aliases Yontoo, Alactro and AdMatter, they’ve tricked Web users into installing plug ins on their computers. These plug-ins deliver ads on YouTube — without YouTube’s permission.

The Downside of Brands Acting Like Humans | Digiday The chance for so many automated responses to social media to go awry means that it’s always right for people to be in charge of the responses, right? Unless it’s not. When a Domino’s employee made a mistake, Domino’s took it in stride. What would be your company’s response? 

The Sell-Sider column…Content Or Data: Which Is The Better Proxy For Ad Targeting | AdExchanger An ad has the biggest impact when context and content are aligned. When big data gets involved, it can make an ad’s impact even more powerful.

Counting the Change | The Economist After years of contentious relationships and shifting dollars from online media, entertainment, music and revenues, PricewaterhouseCoopers found that, thanks to the internet, revenues for those categories should increase by 13% per year for the next 5 years.

AOL, Yahoo Settle Over Talent Raid of Sales Exec | All Things D Ned Brody — who once headed AOL Networks, selling premium display, video and mobile ads, had been poached to take over the top advertising role at Yahoo. AOL CEO Tim Armstrong kept Brody from Yahoo thanks to an 18 month noncompete contract.

AOL’s Has a Major Problem With Suspect Inventory, Say Buyers, Researchers | AdWeek Fraud plagues video networks, who may just be whistling by the graveyard on the way to the bank. And that didn’t stop AOL from eye-popping valuations to snag Mike Shields wonders why.

A Surprising Map of the World Shows Just How Big China’s Population Is | The Atlantic About 20% of the world’s population lives in China — 1.35 billion. This map is an eye-opening look at what China’s numbers actually mean.

Americans are starting to cut the cable TV cord, and here’s what it looks like | Quartz “Cord cutting used to be a myth,” said analyst Craig Moffett in a note reported by AllThingsD. “It isn’t anymore.” Even though the US housing market has rebounded, and household spending has recovered, cable subscriptions are at their lowest level in the past 4 years.

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