Signal August 12: Another New Yahoo!; A CMO for Facebook

Yahoo logo, first stabWelcome to the mid-August Signal. This week we have a closer look at those “weird tricks” ads; a new CMO for Facebook; more Publicis-Omnicom discussion; Marissa Meyer; Video strategy for AOL; the Great Oreo Tweet Precedent; Story Bumping at Facebook; GE’s Content Strategy; Nielsen blesses Twitter; Yahoo! gets a new logo; Native explained; FM brings content new distribution. Happy browsing!

What Happens When You Click on the One Weird Trick | Slate Alex Kaufman from Slate to investigates the “these weird tricks” ads and brought in marketing experts to help explain the results.

Facebook Hires First CMO Gary Briggs from Google | Ad Age With job responsibilities like all Facebook branding and marketing for users, developers and potential consumers, as well as product marketing, platform marketing, events, communication design, brand marketing and content strategy, Gary Briggs has a big job ahead of him.

What The Publicis Omnicom Merger Means For Ad Tech | AdExchanger This game changing merger creates new opportunities and challenges for publishers. Paul Chu sums it all up, writing, “The future belongs to companies that see their mission as a powerful union between people and technology, while enabling partners to efficiently package, manage and monetize digital assets and connect brands with their audience.”

Can Marissa Mayer Save Yahoo? | Bloomberg Businessweek Marissa Mayer is working to change Yahoo! into a more mobile media company. By focusing the company on more habit-forming and personalized content consumed on phones and tablets, she hopes to make the change that matters most to shareholders. That change is revenue growth from search and display advertising.

AOL Is Acquiring Video Ad Platform For $405M | TechCrunch AOL acquires, a video advertising platform in a deal worth over $400 million — more than the Huffington Post purchase. AOL Chairman and CEO Tim Armstong says that is at the “forefront” of both the programmatic ad dollars and the shift from traditional TV to online video.

Is the Oreo Tweet All That’s Wrong in Advertising? | Digiday Strategist Andrew Teman threatened to quit advertising if the Oreo Tweet won an award at Cannes.

“The problem is that they don’t make money being efficient, they make money by billing more hours. At Hill Holliday, I would sit in a room with two producers, four creatives and a bunch of account people, because that’s what made the agency money. I don’t begrudge that approach, but it just runs counter to what I want to do.”

Facebook To Publicize News Feed Algorithm Changes, Starting With New “Story Bumping” | Techcrunch Facebook is going to publishing more information showing transparency about what you’ll see in your newsfeed. Facebook’s updates on how the feed algorithm — similar to what Google does. The first post? All about “Story Bumping”.

GE Brings Good Content to Life | Digiday GE, has become a master content creator. Despite the kinds of products they represent, (everything from lightbulbs to aircraft engines) GE has become a gold star content marketer, by talking about things people care about.

Nielsen Blesses Twitter’s Tale With a New Study: Tweets Really Can Boost Ratings | All Things D In a Nielsen survey of prime-time programming, they found that 29 percent of the time, Twitter activity caused statistically “significant changes”. Other finding showed that Twitter’s most effective at helping with the ratings specifically for reality shows. The Sharknado effect — where there were lots of tweets but not better ratings — seems to be more standard.

Yahoo is getting a new logo on September 5, but it’s keeping its infamous exclamation mark | The Next Web Yahoo will reveal several variations of its logo — including the ! — culminating in the final design release on September 5. Yahoo says its new logo will be “a modern redesign that’s more reflective of our reimagined design and new experiences”.

When Native Advertising Met Ad Tech | Digiday FM is shifting again — from focusing mostly on brand content programs to brand content programs + distribution. technology. This way a brand can find individuals across the independent Web with targeted brand content.

“Whenever brands spend a lot of money creating great content, they want people to see it more than once and they want people to see in different contexts. When it comes to native advertising, you have a very limited ability to do that. There’s often a series of content related to the same topic. As a brand, it would be great to remind people we have more of this type of content. That’s why marrying the efficiency and scale of the exchange with the high-quality content creation makes sense.”

Content, Meet Reach and Targeting | Federated Media This is the post that Digiday references — where storytelling alone isn’t enough, we also need a platform that allows us to distribute those stories in a targeted way.

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We love this American Rough Rider gallery post for Bacardi  by FM site Art of Manliness incorporates Bacardi and the Cuba Libre in a way that’s both compelling and authentic.