November 11, Signal: Adtech On A Roll

Snapchattery. This week in last week’s most compelling links: AdTech is back, how to spend $250M on journalism, NSA v. Google, Best Buy goes all in on showrooming, Gary Vaynerchuk doing his thing, Net Neutrality faces challenges, Twitter’s sponsored images smell like display ads, AOL gets another 6%, agencies adjust for programmatic, Snapchat’s worth questioned, Pinterest gets SFChronicle’s Joanne Bradford, Airlines get personal, and programmatic matures. Just another week in our biz. To the links:

Why AdTech is Back (It Never Left) | A straight-talking evaluation of the value AdTech can bring to audiences and brands, Pakman shows us how accountability and targeting are only two of the benefits of digital marketing.

What to do with $250m in digital journalism? (1) | Monday Note Ebay’s founder, Pierre Omidyar, pledged $250m to an investigative publishing venure — Monday Note looks at how he might go about it drawing similarities to ProPublica and The Guardian.

Google Chief Slams NSA Spying as ‘Outrageous’ | WSJ Google executive Chairman Eric Schmidt finds government spying “outrageous” and potentially illegal.

Best Buy promotes price-matching in a move to embrace showrooming | WSJ Best Buy is running television ads that explicitly call out “showrooming” as a benefit of the stores. Touting its stores as “the ultimate holiday showroom,” it’s playing on the practice of shoppers visiting brick and mortar retailers to evaluate products before leaving to buy them online for less.

Riding the Hashtag in Social Media Marketing | NYTimes A fascinating profile of digital Gary Vaynerchuk, wine purveyor and digital marketer, promoting his new book, “How to Tell Your Story in a Noisy, Social World.”

We’re About to Lose Net Neutrality — And the Internet as We Know It | Stanford If a federal court strikes down net neutrality, we may lose equal treatment online. An important issue that all of us should pay attention to.

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Whoever said Millennials are lazy, never met Danny Mendoza | Good Men Project & Toyota


Twitter’s New Display Ads in Action | Digiday Twitter’s new display ads — featuring images in promoted tweets appearing automatically in unsubscribed feeds — have hit the stream, just in time for the company’s IPO. Examples from CBSFilms, The Book of Mormon and KitKat had varying levels of impact.

AOL’s Ad Surge an Emerging Industry ‘Megatrend’ | CNBC CEO Tim Armstrong calls AOL’s 6-percent revenue increase an emerging “megatrend” within digital. Calling his company’s ad performance part of a bigger theme, he said the company was positioning itself amid the “disruption of technology in media.” What he’s really talking about is programmatic, of course.

How Agencies Are Retooling for the Automated Ad Buy | AdWeek Jay Sears, svp of market development for the Rubicon Project, explains trends and market forces.

Am I Going Insane? Snapchat is Intrinsically Worthless | Roy Murdock With a critical take on the valuation of Snapchat, Roy Murdock looks at the unicorns and comes up confused.

Pinterest Hires San Francisco Chronicle President Joanne Bradford to Lead Advertiser and Media Partnerships (Updated) | All Things D Pinterest hired digital-media veteran and current San Francisco Chronicle president Joanne Bradford as head of partnerships and sales.

How Airlines Mine Personal Data In-Flight Figuring out how to use customer data without encroaching on “creepy,” airlines are making sense of the wealth of customer data they collect. Birthdays, seat preferences and allergies are all up for use.

AppNexus Abides As Mobile And Direct Deals Take Over | AdExchanger Does programmatic maturity mean colonization? It can feel that way, both from seeing VC investment slow and by watching companies back away from building display ad tech to focus on partnerships.

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