Monday Signal: What *Is* The Future of Media?

A lot of “future of advertising and media model” noodling over the weekend. Wonder if something was in the world’s water? In any case, to the links:

A Funny Coincidence, or a Glimpse of the Future? (Searchblog) This is my story of a future that’s almost here.

Three Recommendations for Shifting Advertising to the Next Generation (AdAge) I particularly like this: “Rather than focus on providing entertainment and humor, we should shift some of our efforts to provide an educational platform for consumers.” Yep.

Flipboard: Threat and Opportunity (Monday Note) “Every media company should be afraid of Flipboard,” the piece says. Bullshit. The premise is about how Flipboard “removes ads.” No no no. Repeat after me: ADS ARE CONTENT. OK? OK?! Just because an app does a good job of presenting content, does that mean it can’t do the same job with ads? Of course it doesn’t. Especially if advertisers start thinking like publishers. OK, end of rant.

Major Ad Providers Join European Self Regulation Initiative (ClickZ) Similar in nature to that which has already been rolled out by IAB US.

Define the Internet (Searles) Bet you can’t. I know one thing: The term is inherently limiting. As I see it, and have seen it for over a decade, the Internet is simply the human story that connects all of us to each other, plus the magic that is the potential of our work together. A pretty big definition, I know. But it’s Sunday night after all.

Why the U.S. Should Stand Behind its Commitment to Open Government Data (Mashable) Nose, meet your face. The Republican party, aided by scared Democrats, are providing the knife.

Study finds ‘mother of all languages’ (spoken in pre-historic Africa) (Yahoo News) “The study suggests that between 50,000 and 70,000 years ago humans spoke in a single dialect that proved the catalyst for human civilisation.”

Google Music Label Talks “Going Backwards” (ATD) Google has been circling this business for some time now. Apparently the labels don’t want to play with the Internet giant. Then again, the business isn’t going to look anything like it does now. And that scares those with the rights. Including the artists, for the most part.

Nearly Half of Mobile Web Users Make Purchases (MarketingProfs) You know what? I bet actually ALL of them do. Just not in a way that you can measure. Yet. This study is about regular mobile users who make purchase via their phone. Once Near Field Communications is standard, this is going to change, big time.

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