Monday Signal: Twitter, Google, Amazon, Yahoo – All Will Be Revealed (Later)

Happy August Monday, Signal readers. It’s not often that I lead with my own stuff, but the news over the weekend wasn’t that spectacular, unless you are worried about the S&P’s wrist slap of the US Government debt. Where were they when the bankers were packaging CDOs? Anyway, my focus today is on Twitter’s product problem/opportunity, which got *a lot* of response for something posted late on a Friday afternoon. Meanwhile, plenty of other Big Internet Company News to keep you engaged. Happy reading, and to the links:

Twitter and the Ultimate Algorithm: Signal Over Noise (With Major Business Model Implications) (Searchblog) In which I argue that Twitter has an extraordinary challenge and opportunity. I have a lot more to say about this, but this is a start.

Why ISPs are hijacking your search traffic & how they profit from it (VB) Just plain sleazy and dumb. I have to say, I hate it when Comcast, my service provider at home, takes what I type into the URL bar and gives me really terrible search instead of what I know would be far better had I just typed into the Google search bar on the right. Sometimes I forget. What’s amazing is that this happens about 20-30 percent of the time.

The Growing Portrait Of Google As A Big, Scary, Expanding Everywhere Copy Monster (SEL) Danny goes off on those going off on Google.

Amazon rolls out a social network for Kindle (Amazon via HN) I don’t know where this might go, but read Fred Wilson if you want some backstory on how wanting Amazon has been, to this point, on understanding the power of social media as it relates to books. I, of course, am utterly in the mix here, given what I am trying to do with #wwhw.

Why Facebook and Google’s Concept of ‘Real Names’ Is Revolutionary (The Atlantic) And dead wrong.

One Site Fits All, Except for Advertisers (NYT) On the woes of Yahoo, which can’t quite figure out how to convert all that attention to dollars in a way that scales.

How The Plunging Financial Markets Will Impact Ad Spending (PC) Well, this is an article I wish had more teeth. But it’s reassuring. Vaguely.

The Future of The Internet (And How to Stop It) – A Dialog with Jonathan Zittrain Updating His 2008 Book (Searchblog) Yeah, I’ve been busy this weekend. But this is worth reading if you want to grok a key pivot point in our industry’s progress.

Tencent, March of the Penguins (BW) I have tried for years to get the CEO of Tencent to come to Web 2. Never have had any luck.

Eric Schmidt-Backed Quixey Helps You Dig Up Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Apps (ATD) I’ve been saying for two years that we need great app search. Eric apparently agrees.

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